When you’re nine years old, you believe you can be anyone you want to be. That couldn’t be more true for child football prodigy Takuhiro Nakai who has just signed with Spanish giant Real Madrid.

Before being hailed as the “Christian Ronaldo of the future,” Nakai captured the internet with his videos after appearing on Japanese television to show his impressive skills on the field. He was only seven then (you can see one of these videos below).

The nine-time European Cup champions saw the phenom from Shiga’s potential and signed him into their youth system.

Nakai, nicknamed “Pipi,” was playing in Japan for a football school organized by Barcelona.

Real recruited their own Japanese prodigy after arch-rival Barcelona signed 11-year old Takefusa Kubo, dubbed the “Japanese Messi”.

Kubo’s family have moved to Barcelona and the child trains there daily. He has already begun to feature in youth level games.

Although it is not clear when Nakai will come to Madrid, it is likely his future will be bright.

Maybe, in 15 years, the two Japanese boy wonders will face off on the pitch.

“Pipi” Nakai at age 7:

By: Maesie Bertumen