We can feel it – with a slight shift in the air and a bit more liveliness in the event themes – summer is on the approach. It won’t be too much longer before we start reporting the must-see “hanabi” shows coming up!

But for now, Tokyoites can rejoice: night picnics, rooftop bars, and even fireflies are here to celebrate the onset of late sunsets and comfortably warm nights.

Kick back this weekend with drinks and good music! We have a fair few of those events floating around, and a few tough decisions to make between them. What are you most looking forward to about summer? Share your events and summer plans with us! We want in…


Otowaza: Toshihiki Kato

The most recent chapter of exploring traditional Japanese music is opening this weekend. Featuring the great flutist of modern times, disciple of legendary musician Yukihiro Isso, Toshihiki Kato will be joined by other musicians from around Japan who are practiced in the art of music from Japan’s past. Relax and enjoy an evening of moving ballads with drinks and company.


Koenji Rooftop Bar & Buffet

A low-key event with high-key perks: all-you-can eat and drink for minimal overhead, and a prime view of the city from a rooftop bar in Koenji. Known for local concerts and all-night parties, the evening buffet and open bar is just the beginning of a great weekend event. Bring your friends and lap up the afternoon sun, and undoubtedly, a front-seat for an early summer sunset.


AVICII in Tokyo

Popular DJ and artist AVICII is returning to Tokyo for a huge set over at Marine Field just outside of Tokyo. Playing his number one hits and newest chart-toppers for summer, the EDM musician has previously played at Fuji Rock and other festivals around Japan, but is at last performing solo at the stadium. You won’t want to miss this!

oregon beers

Oregon Beer Geeks Tap Takeover

Running over the course of this week, the “takeover” closes out late on Friday evening, so there is still a chance to get your hands on a classic Portland-y IPA! The “geeks” have brought in cases and kegs of ambers, ales, and all sorts of golden hops – a great way to kick off the weekend. Sample from an array of favorites from the Oregon region, and mingle with other homesick West-coasters.

raw tokyo

Raw Tokyo vol. 3

In an attempt to reduce waste and focus on reusing items, Raw Tokyo is hosting a variety of boutiques, booths, and pop-up recycling shops selling lightly used goods over at the Farmer’s Market at UNU. Stop by for the usual organic treats, and pick up a few earth-friendly (and vintage) items for your home or office.


The Spacewalk: 51st Anniversary with Jeff Mills

Another Friday night event: Jeff Mills is back in the spotlight, bringing his talent and music to Contact Tokyo for an evening celebrating the 51st anniversary of a historic spacewalk. A night of techno music put on by a number of international and local DJs and musicians on multiple stages, and an exploration of science fiction and space history await guests. Wouldn’t hurt to pack your space shoes with you…

night picnic

Night Picnic Soiree

Given that more than a thousand people have already signed up to join, it seems like there’s a fair amount of impetus to get the summer kicked off … with a late-night picnic in Yoyogi Park. Described as being held “deep in the park,” we imagine it’s to avoid any confrontations with police and noise complaints. Bring your own wine – the event-holders will provide the rest for just ¥1,000 – and enjoy the warm early summer air…


Yosuke Takeda’s “Arise”

Takeda is a young photographer, bent on capturing nature in a unique way: using “digital flares” to paint the photographs. See the brilliant photos of branches hanging gently in the sun, bringing vibrant color to Taka Ishii Gallery’s walls.

Raizan Yasunaga

Raizan Yasunaga: Recent Works

For this weekend only, stop by the White Space Gallery for a look at Kyushu ceramic artist Yasunaga’s latest pieces. Both of his traditional and slightly alternative works are both fascinating, and not to be missed.


Last But Not Least: Fireflies!?

That’s right: firefly season is upon us, and coming at full force. If you’re not prepared and don’t have a location already picked out, it’ll fly right by you! Here’s our guide to get you ready for the upcoming weeks of prime viewing and ideal spots to see the most. A few locations are already open and ready for visitors, so be sure to check it out if you have some time coming up!

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