Tokyo is blushing this weekend, and temperatures will be back on the rise: it must be hanami season! We know we’ll be out and about this weekend, lapping up all there is to do in the city.

We couldn’t possibly name all of the great events going on, but here’s a selection to get you started. Try out brands of nihonshu at a special workshop, or sample some fish at Tokyo’s iconic tower.The usual galleries and fashionable parties will abound, and there is even an anime convention taking place over at Big Sight. Grab your parasol, frisbees, BBQ, friends and family for this first official spring weekend. Even Tokyo Disneyland is acknowledging the beginning of spring with a change in decor! Take a break from your spring cleaning and enjoy the outdoors, and a little something more this weekend…

Oh, and, Happy Easter, from all of us!


Hanami Parties Galore

It’s here! Official “Hanami weekend” is upon us – there are a staggering number of venues and events to check out centered around the famed pink blossoms this weekend, so pick and choose to your liking! Whether you’re in the mood for Latin music and food, looking to meet new international friends, saving money and need a cheap event, or are seeking something more creative, there’s a party for you. Better yet, choose your own path and navigate the city, after looking through our guide for a summary of Tokyo parks and blossom sightings.


Mariko Mori’s “Cycloid”

Mariko Mori is returning to the SCAI Bathhouse for a solo project; this time around, she’s exhibiting her aluminum and pearly-white sculptures. She is taking scientific themes and channeling her artistry into 3D figures and mixed-medium paintings and photography to capture movement in the universe and here on Earth. Her gallery only runs for a few weeks, so now is your chance!


Hanami 4 Life

Come by and support the 24-hour Lifeline and staff as they work to save lives. All of the “hanami” staples will be present: tarps, music, food, and, best of all, plenty of friendly company. Stop by, alone or with your group, and take a moment to donate to TELL and those who are in need this “hanami” season.


Sake Tasting for Beginners, Vol. 2

Always feeling out of the loop when it comes to sake? This special workshop is designed specifically for people who want to become more familiar with sake and flavors of nihonshu. Sample several kinds and start to recognize origin and styles!

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Roppongi Crossing: My Body, Your Voice

Mori Art Museum is opening their newest gallery this Saturday, with a dramatic unveil of the latest in contemporary art. The gallery will focus on the relationship between humans and the tangible, and our dependence on material goods.


Sakana Festival

If you haven’t checked out Tokyo Tower events in a while, it may be high time to pay the landmark building a visit – and for a bite to eat. Vendors and fisherman from all over the city and country are rotating booths over the next week to share their speciality seafood dishes, from crabs to bigger catches. A perfect way to top off a long day of looking at blossoms downtown!


Yokota Easter Egg Hunt

Families will be flocking to Yokota Army Base in Kanagawa this weekend to celebrate Easter. Join in the fun, with BBQs, bouncy castles, live music, and of course, plenty of eggs to hunt! The event is weather-contingent so be sure to check the site or email them for the latest information.


Ryosuke Kawahira: “Midnight Boy”

Though startling at first, Kawahira’s latest series is depicted on underwear to recall the time when we were, as children, all left alone at night, letting fears take over us in the darkness and in nightmares. His haunting images and paintings will be on display for the coming week.


HANAMI: White Rabbit X Tinder

One of the largest “hanami” events this year will be indoors and at night, at Trump Room no less. Don your yukata or kimono for a special gift, and be ready for when the Tinder group comes around with free shots to partake in. Dance your heart out at this “yozakura” (evening sakura) themed party down in Shibuya.


This&That Cafe Vol. 28

Celebrating their 5th anniversary, it’s only fitting This&That Cafe puts on another one of their weekend programs. Kick off “hanami” weekend with some laid-back music, company, and great food and drinks. Lots of great vibes and features are in store for this special event, so be sure to pop by sometime throughout the evening!


Hakone Forest Illumination

If you’re looking to escape the “hanami” crowds a bit, venture a bit southwest of Tokyo towards Hakone. Not only will the hills be blossoming, but there will be a special, albeit brief, forest illumination happening throughout the resort land. Entrance fee is nominal for the spectacular evening show visitors will be treated to after a day of museums and garden-wandering.

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