In need of a countdown event that’s safe and open to the whole family? Tokyo has a few going on that will be suitable for everyone – keeping in mind the amount of stamina needed to stay awake until the wee hours of the morning!

We understand that combining antsy kids with long lines waiting at a shrine in the cold at night probably isn’t the most ideal of situations. Luckily, there are a few places hosting events to help combat any boredom kids might feel waiting for midnight. Thankfully too, as usual, Tokyo Metro and JR lines will be open well past midnight to help countdown partiers get home safely without too much of a hassle. Without further ado, here are our selection of kid-friendly countdown parties:




Tokyo’s oldest and dearest amusement park is opening all night in conjunction with Asakusa Shrine to welcome the New Year. Families are welcome to join for an all-you-can-ride event, alongside comedy shows, live acts, lotteries, and endless goodies to guzzle down. Kids will love the endless rides, and parents may appreciate being able to visit the shrine and see the comedians who’ll be on throughout the evening. The downside is that it’ll be entirely outdoors, so bundle up!

countdown namjatown


Located inside Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City mall, NamjaTown is a chaotic indoor center for youngsters and their parents who love the mascot way of life. On New Year’s Eve, characters and bands will be entertaining guests with games, plays, songs, and dances until the countdown and on until dawn. Kids will be able to participate in interactive events, go on the small rides, and play at the booths until their hearts are content. Fun snacks with character faces and plenty of prizes will be awarded throughout the night. Register quickly to secure a dinner!

countdown joypolis


Geared for a slightly older crowd, Joypolis, in the heart of Odaiba, is a massive indoor amusement park with rollercoasters, simulators, and stages. Visitors are welcome all day and night into the park; all rides will be operating, and back-to-back performances will be happening on New Year’s Eve until the countdown. Expect a madhouse, with people clamoring to welcome the New Year on the other side of Tokyo Bay. But, at least you’ll be indoors!

–Natalie Jacobsen