In the breathtaking final scene of John Ford’s classic Western “The Searchers” a bone-weary John Wayne watches settlers rejoice in the triumphant return of his niece Debbie before he limps off into the sunset, the front door of the ranch home swinging shut behind the conflicted soldier. Instead of fighting off Comanche war raids like Wayne’s character Ethan Edwards, the residents of Japan battled record heatwaves, mudslides and earthquakes in the summer of 2018. Rejoice in the coming of autumn this weekend with motorcycle, music and food festivals and shut the door on the dog days of summer. “That’ll be the day.”


Shibuya Showcase Fest

A wide selection of international indie bands and Japanese headliners storm the stage at multiple venues throughout Shibuya over the course of three freaky-deaky days.


Neutral – Bikes, Art & Music

This full-day, open-air event combines motorcycling, art and music. Motorcycles will be on display in full abundance, and visitors can experience gear and riding interactions, projection mapping and motorcycle part-painting.


The Greenmarket Sumida

Discover there is much more to Sumida than the SkyTree at this friendly local market, which offers a wide selection of stalls selling foods, crafts and sundries at a lovely riverside location.


Zane Carney

Dubbed “The Future Of Electric Guitar” by Huffington Post, singer-songwriter and Grammy-nominated guitarist Zane Carney returns to Good Heavens bar for a two-night stand. Check out our Q&A with Zane where we discuss his side project with Evan Rachel Wood, his favorite vintage clothing stores in Tokyo and his guitar collection.


Namaste India – Indian Festival 2018

This annual festival at Yoyogi Park brings the colorful sights, sounds and flavors of India to the heart of Tokyo. Enjoy a plethora of stage performances from Bollywood to Tamil folk dance and mouthwatering Indian treats at the numerous food stalls.


Ville Andersson: I can’t go on. I will go on.

Finnish artist Ville Andersson launches his Tokyo exhibition and holds an artist’s talk where perhaps he will discuss the inspiration for his latest works – a visit to New Mexico’s White Sands desert, home of an asteroid observatory and the world’s first nuclear test site.


NNTT Talk Event with William Kentridge

This special talk event at the New National Theatre, Tokyo features South African visual artist William Kentridge, whose celebrated staging has been hailed around the world for its bold and imaginative use of animated film and projection.


Nihon Buyo — Japanese Dance Workshop

Learn the ins and outs of this traditional dance that uses movements from both dance and pantomime to create an elegant form of storytelling.