It’s set to be a cloudy week and thankfully not too humid, making it comfortable enough to go out and about and find things to do in Tokyo. Here are some indoor and outdoor events such as Yoga & Lunch at Craft Village Nishikoyama, live music with MTM on the beach and more.

1. Yoga & Lunch at Craft Village Nishikoyama

Yoga & Lunch is an event for both beginners and experienced yogis alike, held every Wednesday at Craft Village Nishikoyama. After the lesson, why not stay for some food However, those who wish to participate only in yoga are also welcome.

In this luxurious space surrounded by nature, you will find a place where you can relax on the open terrace and even find stores that sell carefully selected ingredients.

When: Jun 22  | More Info

2. MTM Presents: Summer Breeze with Shamanz, Moku and DJ Judgeman

More Than Music hits the beach this summer. This means you can enjoy amazing views on a private beach while listening to incredible live music to set the mood. Don’t miss out on Shamanz, Moku and DJ Judgeman’s live performances.

TW readers get a 10% discount on the ticket by entering the code: TKYWD.

The same code gets you a 50% discount on the first month of the membership fee as a trial. You can sign up for membership here.

When: Jun 25 | More Info

3. Kazuna Taguchi: “A Quiet Sun”

Kazuna Taguchi is a Vienna-based artist who seeks to discover metaphysical concepts such as time and space through her multi-structured monochrome works. They are created through a multi-layered procedure. This includes taking pictures with multiple exposures and drawing oil paintings on printed photographic paper. Her works often include references to her past works of art on top of the application of existing images.

“A Quiet Sun” is presented in a bold yet delicate way. It’s an exhibition that brings to life myths and anonymous memories. The solid natural light that flows through the gallery is an attempt to interpret Taguchi’s awareness of problems in photography from different angles.

When: Jun 17–Sep 30 | More Info

4. Elnaz Nourizadeh Ceramics Exhibition at I AM Gallery

I AM gallery in Higashi-Nagasaki is hosting an exhibition by Iranian-Australian artist Elnaz Nourizadeh.

Nourizadeh’s artwork is recognizable due to its vivid use of color and contrast, which came from a rebellion against Iran’s traditional use of “blue.”

She creates both sculpture and functional ceramics using clay and other materials such as wood and metal. Her modern designs represent both emotions and motion. The ideas are expressed in irregular and often asymmetric, vessel shapes, as well as through combinations of different glazes and colors.

Nourizadeh has displayed her ceramics in both Melbourne and Tehran, in exhibitions such as the Iranian Ceramic Biennial and the Association of Sculptors Victoria Annual & Awards Exhibition. In 2016 she won the Art Almanac Prize at the latter for her sculpture “The Eye.”

When: Until Jul 31 | More Info

5. Yohaku // Empty Spaces: Photography Exhibition

Through the lenses of five photographers, “Yohaku // Empty Spaces” exhibits snapshots of depression and loneliness in between empty spaces. The photographers received messages from anonymous contributors about the words they say to themselves during their “not-so-good” days to cope with random episodes of loneliness.

You can still contribute words here.

When: Until Jun 26 | More Info