Summer has officially arrived and Japan does not skimp out on the summer festivities. Remember to stay hydrated and put on lots of sunscreen when heading out to MTM’s Whiz Cafe live music event. There are also several exhibitions to check out too such as the Javier Calleja Exhibition: “Mr. Günter, The Cat Show” and the “Sailor Moon Museum Exhibition.”

1. MTM Meets Whiz Cafe for Music and Chill

MTM has partnered up with Whiz Cafe, a stylish café in Kanda, to bring live music to a different space. Equally stylish Josiah Hawley, Chloe Kibble, Mimiko and Jasmine High will perform and charm everyone. A great way to spend a Thursday evening.

TW readers get a 10% discount on the ticket by entering the code: TKYWD at check-out. The same code gets you a 50% discount on the first month of the membership fee as a trial. You can sign up for membership here.

When: Until Jul 7 | More Info

2. Javier Calleja Exhibition: “Mr. Günter, The Cat Show”

Spanish artist Javier Calleja’s works are full of various tricks that add surprise and humor to various events of daily life. A professed fan of the work of surrealist masters René Magritte, Yoshitomo Nara and Chris Johanson, Calleja draws on their techniques to create a wide-eyed portrait of our contemporary lives.

The titular Mr. Günter is the cat of Calleja and his partner, Alicia Marmol. This exhibition will be composed of selected works, including two large wooden sculptures that have never been exhibited in Japan, as well as new paintings and drawings, with Mr. Günter roaming freely around Calleja’s exhibition, using the entire exhibition space as an installation. In addition, a giant Mr. Günter will greet visitors at the Park Avenue side entrance of Parco as a public artwork.

When: Until Jul 18 | More Info

Sailor Moon Museum, July 1-December 30, Roppongi Hills, Roppongi Museum, (c) Naoko Takeuchi

3. Sailor Moon Museum Exhibition

Roppongi Museum, located next to Azabu-juban Station presents a “Sailor Moon Museum” exhibition from July 1 to December 30 this year. The exhibition will commemorate the 30th anniversary of the serialization of Sailor Moon, a classic shojo manga that became a social phenomenon in the 1990s and remains highly popular even today.

The exhibition will be the largest ever of its kind, including new original sketches by Naoko Takeuchi, the original author, as well as rare color original sketches, some of which will be on display for the first time. The exhibition will be divided into three phases: Volumes 1-3. All original sketches, meanwhile, will be replaced each round.

There will also be a themed cafe serving both sweet and savory dishes decorated with the colors of the Sailor Scouts and latte art with famous quotes from Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon. Takeout compact cookies are also available. During the exhibition, definitely head to the Taiwanese tapioca tea shop, The Alley, to get themed takeaway tapioca drinks.

When: Until Dec 30 | More Info

4. A[R]T The Hotel Party & Art Exhibition

The online magazine, connects people with culture, products with context, subcultures with eras and artists with the world. Based in Tokyo with international content, it’s hosting an art exhibition at Trunk Hotel until July 5.

When: Until Jul 5 | More Info


The 46th annual Hydrangea Festival is held at the Tokyo Summerland Wanderlust Nature Village until early July. Located in Akiruno, in the outskirts to the west of Tokyo, it’s an easy day trip. The large area will feature approximately 15,000 hydrangeas in 60 varieties, including “Annabelle’s Snow Mountain,” where pure white Annabelle hydrangeas grow in clusters. It’s a refreshing walk along the hiking trail leading to the mountain.

When: Until Jul 10 | More Info