Anyone who has made the trip over to Taiwan knows one of its most famous souvenirs is its pineapple cakes.

Now, for a limited time, instead of going to Taiwan for cakes, the sweet delicacies are coming to us. SunnyHills, a Taiwan-based maker famous for said cakes already has a flagship location in Aoyama, but will be opening an exclusive pop-up shop from May 15 to June 4 at Marui in Yurakucho. This temporary store will have the original Taiwanese pineapple cakes on hand, which are normally not on offer at the Aoyama store. This allows customers to compare the original Taiwanese recipe with the Japanese version, which uses fermented French butter and Japanese flour, as well as the product’s claim to fame: acidic-sweet Taiwanese grown pineapples.

You know what? We have a sneaking suspicion they’re both pretty good.

For more details, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only)