The local government of most famous Lawson convenience store in Japan has been forced to take drastic measures to stop hordes of disrespectful tourists destroying the peace of its town. After numerous alternative measures, the people of Fujikawaguchiko have been left with what they feel is no choice: they will erect a large sheet to block the view of Mount Fuji.

The End of A Bucket List View

The Lawson convenience store near Kawaguchiko Station boasts an impressive scene that combines both the shop and Mount Fuji into one iconic image. In 2022, it went viral.

After the post became popular, the small resort town of Fujikawaguchiko was visited by several tourists. Speaking to Asahi Shimbun, local dentist Koichi Ide, 72, said that he was pleased at first. The locals enjoyed the spike in tourism, particularly after the coronavirus pandemic essentially stopped people from visiting.

Things, however, soon turned sour, as coach loads of visiting tourists proved disrespectful and sometimes dangerous. Ide said that the number of people clamoring for a picture meant that the narrow sidewalk was often blocked, and sometimes his patients had difficulty getting inside. Tourists would swarm across the road, creating dangerous situations for drivers and themselves.

Various Measures

The government put up signs, requesting that people refrain from standing for too long on the sidewalk, and warning against jaywalking. The problem continued to worsen as Japan lifted its travel restrictions, inviting tourists back into the country for good. In 2023, the local authorities reported that they received complaints weekly, which increased to as many as three each week from March 2024.

In addition to the signs, security guards were also brought in to move people along, but this proved unsuccessful. On May 1, a 2.5-meter-high and 20-meter-wide black sheet will be installed to block the beautiful Mount Fuji view. Metal barriers will also be put up along the sidewalk.

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