In Tokyo, provided you go up high on a clear day, you can glimpse Mount Fuji peeking from the horizon. But just about two hours from Tokyo, near Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan’s tallest mountain takes up a lot more sky, is closer than ever, and seems larger than life. 

One of five barrier lakes, Kawaguchiko is a gorgeous destination for day and weekend trips alike. FUFU Kawaguchiko is tucked in a pine grove and overlooks a picture-perfect scene of both the lake and Mount Fuji. If weather permits, Mount Fuji reveals herself as soon as you enter the lobby. Guests will appreciate the greenery surrounding the luxury resort. Hop on one of FUFU Kawaguchiko’s e-bikes for a ride around the lake or book a canoeing tour, to name a few options available. 

Those who prefer to stay indoors can still enjoy the lush surroundings. FUFU Kawaguchiko strives to create borderless nature, starting in the lobby, which is home to its own small green forest. Plants thrive among natural decor — wooden tables, wicker baskets, rugged stone ornaments and cozy sofas. Hidden nooks are divided by tall stacks of firewood so guests can enjoy sharing the shared space without sacrificing privacy.   

Waking Up With Mount Fuji

The borderless forest concept continues inside the rooms. The decor features recycled wood furniture and soft, stylish linens in warm, earthy tones, complete with potted plants and grow lights you can turn on during your stay. Forest-bathe from your room, taking in the views, or get cozy in front of a bioethanol fireplace. Regardless of season or time of day, nature will always put on a show. 

Every room has a view of Mount Fuji. It’s only natural that the Japanese icon inspired the decor. Of note are the volcanic rocks sprinkled with essential oils placed under bell jars that act as dispensers for an original FUFU fragrance. The outdoor private hot spring bath the made from volcanic stone said to have a high infrared effect, gently warming you to the core. The same material is used to line the sauna in the two most luxurious suites. 

Baths are full of beautifying sodium-calcium sulphate waters from the volcanic sources of Kawaguchiko. Guests are also welcome to soak in the communal baths on the first floor and detox in the mist sauna in the female spa or the dry sauna in the male spa. Grab a free drink on your way out, or sip on water infused with minerals from lava rocks. You’ll find this mineral-enriched water complimentary in every room, too.

Rooms are decorated with various artistic interpretations of nature. Keep an eye out for beautiful pottery in green and blue hues inspired by the nearby lake, wavy glasses taking hints from trees and flowers, and a one-of-a-kind stone coffee dripper made by artist Kou Chifusa. Chifusa is also a photographer whose works explore the different facets of local nature and adorn all rooms and public spaces in FUFU Kawaguchiko. 

Guests can take a piece of this nature back home. Pop by the gift shop near the reception desk, where coffee drippers, glasses, original fragrances, mineral rocks, room wear and more are for sale.

Burning Passion for Good Food 

FUFU Kawaguchiko’s restaurant, Yamanoha, is decorated with wood and fire accents, radiating warmth as soon as you step in. Walking right in, guests can see ingredients roasting away over an open fire. You know you’re in for a treat. The multi-course meal feels like the best parts of camping are distilled into a relaxed gourmet experience — plates are decorated with leaves and branches. The meat is cooked with firewood and on lava stones, becoming tender, smoky and delicious. 

After a succession of delectable seasonal and locally sourced appetizers, the main dish is set alight at your table for a little culinary magic. Pair the food with FUFU Kawaguchiko’s original wine made in collaboration with 98Wines. Kawaguchiko is, after all, in Yamanashi Prefecture, famed as one of the most important regions for wine production in Japan.

The restaurant tables, arranged in terraced rows, recreate the layout of an amphitheater, promising a private setting for dinner and breakfast. Breakfast is similarly a celebration of freshness and seasonality, with a variety of dishes arranged in a way that mirrors the volcanic lakes surrounding Mount Fuji. The meal is tied together with a local spring water jelly and fresh rice cooked on a traditional Japanese wood-burning stove. 

Cocktails and Fireplace S’mores

End the night at the hotel bar serving nature-inspired original drinks or classic cocktails on a beautiful single slab of reclaimed Zelkova wood. Guests will be enchanted by the illusion of a clear night sky, as the ceiling lights double up in the windowpanes and mix with the stars and the shiny fairy lights outside. 

Unobstructed by city lights, stargazing is as easy as looking up. Should you visit during a full moon, you can even catch a rare sight of Mount Fuji shining in the moonlight. A summer’s night reveals rows of lights of the climbers going up and up, flickering like fireflies. Follow the inviting glow of the fire pit on the terrace, roast marshmallows to make s’mores and enjoy whatever the night has in store. 

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FUFU Kawaguchiko
2211-1 Mizuguchi, Kawaguchi-Aza, Fuji-Kawaguchiko-Machi,
Minamitsuru-Gun, Yamanashi Prefecture

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