A unique afternoon tea series inspired by the ancient Greek sculpture “Venus de Milo” can be enjoyed for a limited time at the bar and lounge, Whisk, located on the 16th floor of the luxury hotel MESM. The delightful course, titled “Afternoon Exhibition,” features a wide range of sweets and savory dishes inspired by ancient Greece, where the Venus de Milo, which is believed to depict Aphrodite, was discovered.

It’s a playful course that makes it feel like you are inside a museum. On top of that, the small dishes, including baklava, moussaka, halva, cheesecake and some Greek-style fritters known as tiganites, all taste amazing. The highlight of the program, though, is the Greek yogurt peach mousse that looks identical to the Venus de Milo. Guests can complete the artwork with some apricot and raspberry sauce, which are served separately.