Dear Pokemon lovers: We all well know that Pokemon Go is a must and it’s rather hard to get away from that virtual reality, but let us inform you that Sky City Sunshine 60 Observatory will be holding a Pokemon event that’s enough to get you off of your phone.

With its gorgeous view of Tokyo’s massive and diverse landscape, Sky City Sunshine 60 Observatory is a place where people can fill their day with multiple activities above the clouds, whether it’s a romantic date or some fun with your kids.

As if seven areas including a 251m-high viewing point and leading-edge technology experiences weren’t enough, the facility will be celebrating the brand-new launch of the Nintendo 3DS game “Pokemon Sun/Moon” by hosting an action-packed Pokemon event, “New Pokemons and the World of Arora” from November 18 to January 3.


The “Z Ring” – a Pokemon gadget that’s been launched together with the 3DS game – will play a key role in event. For those who might be wondering what this gadget is all about, when Pokemons use a “Z move” in the game, the gadget synchronizes with the images, lights, and sounds inside the game, allowing players to indulge in a 4D experience of the Pokemon world.

At the event, visitors will get a chance to try the “Z Ring” on, and enjoy a Pokemon battle in front of the huge screen monitor which senses players’ movements thanks to latest video technology.


The event offers special deals such as free coaster gifts at the observatory’s Cafe Quu Quu Quu for customers spending more than ¥700, and discounts for Pokemon enthusiasts who bring their Pokemon goods along with them. Photo booths to take home memories and model sheets of the Arora World (the imaginary tropical region where the action of “Pokemon Sun and Moon” takes place) to pore over are available for a complete Pokemon overdose.


Entrance is included when you buy a ticket for the Sky City Sunshine 60 Observatory ¥1,800 (adults), ¥1,500 (high school and university students), and ¥900 yen (elementary and junior high school students).

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