As we approach the end of the year, allow yourself some grace by congratulating yourself on all that you’ve done instead of focusing on what you’re yet to achieve. As for the planets, the sun and action planet Mars have both entered spontaneous Sagittarius, so you might already be feeling a renewed sense of energy. Harness this power to get you through Mercury retrograde, which starts on December 13 in serious Capricorn. But don’t fret; you can use these last few weeks of the year to really dig deep and set tangible goals for the new year.

Keep reading below for this month’s horoscopes, and make sure to check both your sun and rising signs.

Sagittarius December Horoscope

Happy birthday, archers. Feel all the good vibes that your season brings and keep spreading that infectious positivity you bring to the astrological table. There’s a new moon in your home sign on December 12. Take advantage of this cosmic reset and get really clear on your goals so that you can ride through the Mercury retrograde as well as the more grounded Capricorn season, which starts on December 21. Celebrate yourself this month with a stroll through Tokyo’s illuminations, and bask in the lights with your favorite people.

Capricorn December Horoscope

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the energy now that both the Sun and Mars are in Sagittarius but take comfort in the fact that you can always return to yourself for a break from the noisy world. At the same time, lean into the spontaneity the new moon in Sagittarius brings on the 12th, and try out something you otherwise wouldn’t think of, like checking out some weird museums.

Aquarius December Horoscope

With the Sun expanding your 11th house of friendships, this month brings about a flurry of social interactions. As a secret social butterfly, you’ll be glad for the chance to establish strong connections with friends old and new. Consider doing something fun with your social circle, like checking out a concert near you.

Pisces December Horoscope

With the sun in Sagittarius firing up your 10th house of career and long-term goals, you’ll find yourself thinking deeply about what it is that you truly want. Take advantage of the confidence and spontaneity that Sagittarius season brings and make those bold moves you’ve been thinking and overthinking about. Get inspired by creative people who’ve made a career out of doing what they love. 

Aries December Horoscope

With the sun entering fellow fire sign Sagittarius and bringing to focus your ninth house of philosophy and adventure, you’ll feel energy flowing both inward and outward this month. Take this opportunity to be intentional about what you project out to the world — and then it’s time to get your head in the game once Mercury goes retrograde in goal-oriented Capricorn on December 13. Fuel up with some Japanese winter foods to make sure you’re on your A-game. 

Taurus December Horoscope

It’s OK to voice what you truly want this chatty Sag season. With Venus entering Scorpio early this month, you might feel a desire for more intimacy in your love life. You don’t need to be a happobijin — remember, a friend to all is a friend to none. Don’t hold back on account of those around you. Those that truly care about you will always stick around.  

Gemini December Horoscope

This month is looking to be a social one for you, Gemini. While you’re busy celebrating the holidays with your loved ones, Venus moves into your sixth house of health and organization. Make sure you’re prioritizing your routine and assess any risks or consequences before diving into a crazy night with your besties. Try out meditation this month to keep yourself grounded.

Cancer December Horoscope

You’re going to be a busy bee this month, both in your career and social life. But ‘busy’ doesn’t have to mean stressed. Just be mindful of what you say yes to. If your love life has felt a little stagnant, expect a little action as Venus enters your seventh house of partnership. Anytime you’re on the precipice of feeling overwhelmed, go unplug and feel the love in one of Tokyo’s most romantic neighborhoods.

Leo December Horoscope

The holidays (and fellow fire sign Sagittarius season) are always a great time for you, Leo. You’re sure to bring the party again this year as the sun warms up your fifth house of joy and self-expression. Embrace the holiday cheer in a way only you can, and go see Tokyo’s illuminations, which are as bright as you are. 

Virgo December Horoscope

If you’ve been feeling a strong desire to be at your home, Virgo, you’ll surely be getting plenty of time with family this holiday season. With the sun glowing on your fourth house of home and family, this month brings a calm, loving energy to your life. Use this time of absolute chill vibes to introspect and soak in the warm goodness of family time. And don’t forget your Christmas gifts to bring to loved ones. 

Libra December Horoscope

Embrace the brashness of Sag season as the sun beams on your third house of communication and social activity. Be emboldened to speak your mind, and if you ever feel a little too out of your comfort zone, remember that you can always lean into the support of your community. The holidays are for being with loved ones, and they can’t care for you properly if you’re not honest with them. In the meantime, get them a lovely Japanese omiyage to show them your gratitude.

Scorpio December Horoscope

Get ready to feel adored this holiday season as Venus enters your home sign on December 5. The sun is also firing up your second house of money and work, so you might experience an inflow of cash or inspiration in your workplace. Make time to celebrate the good moments with holiday festivities around Tokyo.