Still on the hunt for that perfect present? Here’s our roundup of 23 unique gifts for him, her, teens, and tots. Let the shopping begin…


For Boys Who Like Toys

Because we’ve never needed an escape from reality more than in 2016.

PlayStation VR, ¥49,980,

gifts playstation

For the Stylish Stamper

These personal seals are made of titanium, feature smooth curves, and can be carved with Western names upon request.

Samura-in Inkan, ¥51,840,



For Design Enthusiasts

Each block of wood making up this playful lamp is connected by magnets, so he can create different shapes as the mood takes him.

Tukkun Light, ¥19,440 (¥7,020 for the mini), 

tukkun light

For Men with Meishis

This Shosa card case is made from just one piece of high quality leather that’s folded in a fashion inspired by origami, and held together with only one nut and bolt.

Shosa Origami Card Case, ¥11,000,

shosa card case

For the Serious Camper

No more baked beans from a tin during weekends spent in the great outdoors. But even if you’re indoors, this portable stove will turn dinners into hot pot parties.

Sochikusya Portable Stove, ¥48,600, 

portable stove

For the Sporty Barbecuer

Baseball fans will love this bat-shaped pepper grinder, which is bound to start both conversations and tastebud sensations.

Cole & Mason Beech Wood King Pepper Mill, ¥12,960, and

gift cole and mason

For the Arty  Champagne Drinker

A collaboration between Dom Pérignon and German artist Michael Riedel brought to life this limited edition design that’s all about “transformation” and “time” – perfect for an end-of-year gift.

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2006 by Michael Riedel Giftbox, ¥23,000,

dom perignon

For the Slicer and Dicer

Each knife in this sophisticated set is personally and meticulously sharpened by a third-generation sharpening master, giving new meaning to the term “cutting edge.”

Kamata Hakensha Hand-made Japanese Carbon Steel Knife Set, ¥29,100, 

kamata knives


For the Hostess with the Mostess

Created by French silverware brand Christofle, this pink-gold-colored cutlery set might be pricey, but it’ll make her a dinner host legend.

Christofle “MOOD Precious” Cutlery Set, ¥264,000 (incl. tax). For more information, call Christofle Aoyama Boutique on 03 3499 5031 or visit

christofle cutlery set

For the Scarf Sophisticate

Made from a newly developed fabric that’s woven from an organza thread that’s about one-fifth the thickness of human hair, this scarf is light as a feather and a perfect example of Japanese workmanship.

Amaike Super Organza Scarf, ¥14,580,

amaike super organza scarf


For Your Number One 

Give her all of Kiehl’s number-one selling items for 2016, packaged in a limited-edition travel bag designed by New York-based artist, product designer, and animator Jeremyville.

Kiehl’s x Jeremyville Holiday Collection, ¥18,000, 

kiehls gift bag

For the Inner Artist

If she’s the kind of woman who loves a touch of fun, these colorful insoles will make her day, every day.

Chemifelt Japan Graphicinsole Soko, ¥1,944,

chemifelt inner soles gift

For the Bag Ladies

These handcrafted purses are made from embossed white leather, painted by a team of artisans, and finished with a shiny lacquer coating. More than 100 designs are available.

Bunkogawa Leather Purse, ¥25,500,

bunkogawa leather purse

For the Girl with a Pearl Earring

An exquisite combination of Japanese Maki-e art (lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder) and delicate pearls create these irresistible earrings.

Karafuru Makie Pearl Earrings, ¥23,760,

makie pearl earrings

For the Hair Stylista

With 376 bristles, this revolutionary brush – and cult favorite amongst Japanese women – is designed to be used while shampooing to massage and remove dirt from follicles (the secret lies in the rounded tips being the same size as the pores). It’s also oh-so-pretty and comfortable to handle.

S Heart S Scalp Brush, ¥6,990,

scalp brush


For BE@RBRICK Collectors  

Released on November 26, this special Christmas BE@RBRICK is a real collector’s edition with its “Merry Christmas 2016” message on the back.

BE@RBRICK 2016 Xmas Stained-glass Tree Ver., ¥1,500-¥39,000 (depending on size),

bear brick

For Ninja Tea Drinkers

Filled with premium quality green tea from Shizuoka, this tea bag range comes with handmade leather cutouts (which double up as stickers) of ninja, samurai, geisha, sumo wrestlers, and other characters attached to the bags.

Yamasu Sugimoto Shoten “Ensemble Cast” Green Tea Bags, ¥1,080 from Tokyu Hands and Rakuten

samurai tea

For Bathing Beauties

Looks like ice cream, smells like ice cream, melts in the bath like, well, ice cream.

Coldstone Bath Bomb, ¥850, available from Wise Integration Co., Ltd. (only in Japan)

bath bomb gift

For Hiragana Learners

These handy chopstick rests are available in all 46 syllables of the Hiragana writing system, sold in sets of words such as “yokoso” or “omotenashi,” or as individual syllables by order.

Decent Work Labo Hiragana Hashioki, ¥1,944 (four-character set),

hiragana chopsticks

For Happy Eaters

From German fine tableware brand Kahla comes this silicone-coated “magic grip” crockery set that’s bound to help make meal times happier (and less messy).

Kahla Magic Grip Dishware Set, ¥10,800 from Fissler stores,

kahla tableware

For Little Miss Murakami  

These two pretty products are part of a special 2016 holiday collection by Shu Uemura and renowned artist Takashi Murakami.

Shu x Murakami Block Booster Protective Moisture Primer, ¥4,500, and Blanc: Chroma Blossom in Brightening UV Cushion Foundation Compact Case and Puff, ¥1,300,

shu murakami

For Twinkle Toes

A modern take on traditional Japanese geta, these sandals feature a sponge-like material instead of wood, making them much more comfy as well as water-resistant.

Hajime Narageta, from ¥2,052 (minimum size 20cm), choose size and fabric at; also available at Kyobashi Edogrand (

narageta gift

For Sensitive Ones

Marmaille’s line of underwear for babies is made with 100 percent organic Swiss cotton thread, and the fabric is woven in Japan, ensuring breathability and comfort.

Marmaille/Bisen Organic Cotton Underwear, ¥3,024,

organic cotton underwear