“I have a Piko, I have a Bieber … ummm!” Could we have a smash commercial?

If you think about it, “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (PPAP)” is like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of viral videos. We all love fruit, and who doesn’t love a pen? But putting them together is the singular genius of one of YouTube’s recent celebrities: the leopard-clad Piko Taro.

However, the man of multiple (and extraordinarily odd) part-time jobs [read our interview with him here] might not have become the temporary master of the internet had it not been for the help of a fellow who has been known to muster more than a bit of online gravity himself: Justin Bieber. As we’ve learned earlier, Bieber helped propel Piko Taro into the YouTube limelight when he declared to the world that “PPAP” was his current YouTube fave back at the end of last September.

Now, what would happen if this goofy dancer and his benefactor actually occupied the same space at the same time? Would an even more incredibly popular video be generated? Would Piko Taro be tempted to join Justin Bieber’s tour as a backup dancer? Would the very fabric of the cosmos be destroyed by the immense gravity of these two stars?

We’ll soon find out.

Thanks to a SoftBank commercial that will be airing in the weeks to come, Piko Taro and Justin Bieber will be joining forces. Although the ad hasn’t been released yet, we have been given a teaser clip that reveals a few details.

The commercial is set in a Japanese high school, and it looks like Piko Taro is the teacher, but beyond that, we’ll have to wait on the details.

Until this potentially internet-breaking event takes place, you’ll have to tide yourself over with the video below, and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as the commercial has been released.