Have you ever dreamed of emulating an iconic game master? Now’s your opportunity to do just that with the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters x Super Groupies Collaboration. Featuring four distinct pieces, these items exude sophistication and will awaken your inner trendsetter.

Yu-Gi-Oh Fashion Inspired by Its Iconic Characters

The collection draws inspiration from Yu-Gi-Oh!’s main characters, Yugi Muto and his rival Seto Kaiba. Within the Yugi line, an indigo-colored outerwear doubles as a stylish windbreaker. As with most Super Groupies collaborations, a lot of care and attention to detail has gone into the design. Fans will appreciate the jacket’s stitching, inspired by Yugi’s red and yellow hair color. Additionally, a “Millennium Puzzle” tag adorns the neck, while the left sleeve subtly bears the mark of the “Duel Disk.”

The accompanying dark tote bag features a small pouch with the Millennium Puzzle logo, adding a tinge of mysterious allure. A tiny bit of button assembly is required, but according to Super Groupies, that also gives the feel of assembling the very puzzle itself. Inside, the bag is lined with fabric depicting various scenes from the anime, such as the ceremonial battle.

For ¥15,400, you can purchase a white and burgundy stole, echoing Seto’s iconic coat. Adorned with a KC mark pin from Kaiba Corporation and a stone reminiscent of the eyes of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the stole exudes sophistication. Complementing the stole is a white tote bag, this time with Kaiba Corporation represented as a bag charm and another blue stone accent for the aforementioned legendary card. More Kaiba Corporation motifs can be found on the inner lining of the tote bag.

Both sides of the collaboration offer a lot of wardrobe versatility. The Yugi jacket and tote both have darker tones which lend themselves well to an understated look, while Seto’s collection brings brightness and a sense of nobility. Despite the rivalry between both characters, it’s probably worth mixing and matching the pieces to create a fashionable ensemble.

Where to Buy and Campaign Details

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters x Super Groupies Collaboration items are available for preorder until March 4. International shipping is possible to countries where Express Mail Service (EMS) is available. Items should be delivered in early June 2024, but orders outside Japan may experience additional delays. Check the Super Groupies International Shipping FAQ for full details. Only a limited number of reservations will be accepted, so make sure to place your order early to avoid disappointment.

Discover more about the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters x Super Groupies Collab here.

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