Just when we thought we were Jujutsu Kaisen-ed out with creative collaborations, Animate comes up with more merchandise we need to get our wallets out for. This time, however, it’s actually for your cat.

The Prison Realm Pet House

Coming to you from the Animate Limited Selection series is the Prison Realm Pet House. Inspired by the actual cursed object from the Jujutsu Kaisen manga series, this tough and edgy-looking shelter for your pet is made from cardboard with cutouts mirroring the same pattern as the original. The pet house measures 36 centimeters on all sides and should accommodate pet weights of around 4 kilograms or less. Animate warns that if you (or your pet in this case) jumps on it from a high place, there is a likelihood of this Prison Realm collapsing. And despite what the real Prison Realm actually does in the anime, this pet house comes with the warning that it “cannot be sealed” and should not be used in any way that confines your pet in an uncomfortable manner.

In all honesty, we’re a little unsure of the confining powers of this particular cardboard cube. However, based on the product photography, it does look extremely cozy and would comfortably fit your average cat or a dog of a smaller size. If you’re someone who is artistically inclined, you could probably use it as a canvas to add some of the finer details to really give it that evil and cursed vibe. While it looks quite subtle on its own, it would probably make a really sweet space for your furry friend inside your Gojo shrine room. Hey, we’ve all got one.

Preorders for the Jujutsu Kaisen Pet House have started and will end on March 6. The product is priced at ¥3,300 (tax included) and is scheduled for release around April 26. Find out more information about the pet house on the Animate Limited Selection website

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