We’ve already seen some fantastic anime and manga collaborations so far this year, but we think this might be Uniqlo’s greatest hit in 2024. Rep your oshi through this upcoming Oshi no Ko UT collection.

An Idol Anime Collection

According to the website, five T-shirts will be available, two in black, two in white and one in a light blue tone. These will come in various sizes to accommodate all body shapes and types. We love the white T-shirt with Japanese writing on the chest, which translates in English to “Ai Infinite Permanence My Oshi Forever!!!” On the back of this is an iconic shot of Ai on stage with a neon pink signature on the bottom right. This heavily contrasts the black Ai T-shirt which hints much more closely at her dark side with a close up of her face. 

For those who want something cute and perfect for spring, the light blue T-shirt is for you, with a pink and purple illustration of Ruby and Aqua when they were kids. Lastly, Yoasobi fans might want to check out the black bunny T-shirt as it includes the rabbit character that was heavily featured in the “Idol” music video. 

About Oshi no Ko

Anime fans probably need no introduction to Oshi no Ko, a global hit that first rocked the world when it was released in 2023. Based on a Weekly Young Jump manga of the same name by Aka Akasaka, the show follows the death of a young idol superstar and the lives of her remaining twin children who also enter the entertainment industry seeking revenge for their mother’s death. 

The opening theme of the anime, “Idol,” was written from the perspective of Ai Hoshino. This ended up becoming Yoasobi’s most successful worldwide hit to date, further propelling the popularity of the anime.  

The official release for this collection is early July. Make sure to call ahead before visiting any Uniqlo store, as start dates can vary.

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