Another week, another ultra cool gaming collaboration for Uniqlo. The LifeWear fashion brand has just shared a new collaboration with Square Enix, featuring T-shirts bearing the motifs of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, Final Fantasy XIV online and Final Fantasy XVI. The announcement of this collection couldn’t have come at a better time as the latest title, Final Fantasy XVI will also be getting The Rising Tide downloadable content on April 18. 


Final Fantasy Returns to Uniqlo With New Designs

This release follows the very successful Final Fantasy 35th anniversary collaboration from 2022. Back then, the range featured the logo designs of Final Fantasy I through to XVI. For this edition, Uniqlo has taken a much more liberal stance with some colorful art and game references so subtle that, if you know, you know, right?

We’re particularly partial to the neutral-beige T-shirt with embroidered pocket details of the mascot characters, Chocobo, Moogle and Fat Cat. With just the name ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ written on the back, it’s an overall sleek and discreet piece while still being rather cute. The white Final Fantasy XVI T-shirt has a lot more symbolism involved with a large piece of art on the back that depicts all eight of the Eikons that make up the world and the lore of the game. 

Fans online also seem to love the little phoenix feather tucked into the front pocket, representing Joshua, one of the game’s main characters. Long time Final Fantasy fans will definitely have to get their wallets out for the Final Fantasy VI T-shirt featuring a very cute Tina and a Moogle on the front. The back, however, showcases a stunning piece by famed Japanese visual artist, Yoshitaka Amano, depicting the aforementioned characters but in his signature romantic fantasy style. Collectors take note as this is an exclusive piece for the UT collection only.

The official release for this collection is late June. As always, make sure to call ahead before visiting a Uniqlo store as start dates can vary.

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