One of the biggest names in the gaming sphere has just turned 40. To commemorate alongside fans of Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter and more, the video game company Capcom is launching a special UT (Uniqlo T-shirts) collection that incorporates designs and illustrations of its most beloved games and characters.

Classic Capcom Designs by Uniqlo

At the time of writing, eight designs have been announced and seven of them represent a specific Capcom franchise, with a retro twist. Priced at just ¥1,990 each, we expect a hot favorite such as the Street Fighter II design to sell out extremely fast, not least because it has some classic characters in the design, such as M.Bison and Sagat. The oversized blue Rockman (known as Mega Man outside Japan) T-shirt also looks exactly like something you’d find at a vintage store today, except in pristine condition. 

For something that’s more grunge, we recommend going with the Biohazard 4 design that’s completely black and white, except for a ghoulish looking “RE,” a reminder of the game’s other name, Resident Evil. There’s also a slate gray Devil May Cry T-shirt with a metal band vibe that’s perfect for the game’s demon hunter vibe.

Monster Hunter fans can also pick up an olive green T-shirt with a huge print on the back, paying homage to the original game. Two slightly more niche picks are the designs for Final Fight and Ghosts ‘n Goblins, beat ‘em up and platforming games from the 1980s. If you’re completely undecided but want to be part of this significant moment in history, get the final piece, a Capcom 40th UT T-shirt with a large collaborative piece on the back depicting characters from across Capcom’s history.

More Information

The Capcom 40th Uniqlo T-shirt Collection will start selling in Japan around the end of March. Start of sale dates will differ from store to store so make sure to call in advance. Fans who live in North America, however, have a solid start of sale date of March 25, 2024.

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