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Nagasaki-style Ishiyaki Barbeque

A stone-grilled fisherman for that truly authentic experience

By Camilla Chandra

Blessed with an ocean brimming with 300 species, the Nagasaki is a treasure-trove of fishing. In the past, local fishermen would grill whatever they caught in the wild on the very same rock they use to create a fire pit. The practice continues, and you can now indulge in a heavenly seafood cuisine in the most truly authentic way: stone-grilled, or ishiyaki, alongside an array of seasonal vegetables local to the island. The produce and catches are grilled on top of a slab of heat-resistant volcanic rock called quartzite, and there is no need to grease the stone. This ensures all the unadulterated and exquisite umami flavor of the meat remains. We recommend the Tsushima Shimamoto — their ishiyaki courses are prepared with the finest ingredients from the sea and mountain for well-balanced and hearty dining. Just make sure to make a reservation ahead of time at Shimamoto. There is also an ishiyaki course at Maruya Hotel available for guests.

Address: 1380 Izuharamachi Kokubu, Tsushima, Nagasaki


Tel: 0920-52-5252

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