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TW Book Club: What We’re Reading This Month

This September, we're reading Touring the Land of the Dead (and Ninety-Nine Kisses) by Maki Kashimada, translated by Hadyn Trowell

By Weekender Editor

Have you joined the Tokyo Weekender Book Club yet?

Come join us as we dive into (mostly) contemporary books that are either written by Japanese authors, are set in Japan, or have some sort of connection with Japan.

We read a new book every month! Previous reads include Sweet Bean PasteMs Ice Sandwich and The Travelling Cat Chronicles.

What We’re Reading Now

In September and October, we examine the human experience through rich characters, questionable actions and the cost of conformity. Our October book is delicate but no less emotionally penetrating – its characters will linger long after reading it.

Touring the Land of the Dead (and Ninety-Nine Kisses) by Maki Kashimada highlights her compelling storytelling skills through two mesmerizing novellas about memories, trauma and love. Translated by Hadyn Trowell.

I’ve Got The Book, Now What?

To join the discussion, join our group on Goodreads, send us a note on Twitter or tag us on Instagram. Use the hashtag #TWBookClub to make it easier for us to find you! We’ve also recently launched a Facebook page for more fun discussions!

One final request: please use common sense if you’re sharing something that may be considered a spoiler. Tag it, include a warning, or try to work around it.

How it Works

The book club is completely free and online-based so you can join us from wherever you are in the world. We’ll announce our next picks every month so you have time to decide whether you want to join us for this round.

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