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Experience a Japanese Tea Ceremony at a Local’s Home

By Weekender Editor

Growing up with a mother and grandmother who are both Japanese tea ceremony masters, Maiko Tsunemine’s life has always been intertwined with this cultural tradition. After returning from a stint in America, she began hosting tea ceremony experience at her home and now offers these to foreigners and Japanese interested in studying more about this old tradition. Participants will have the unique chance to watch as Tsunemine prepares the tea in the setting of a traditional tatami room and will learn more about the meticulous etiquette and vast history involved in a tea ceremony. At the end, guests will also be able to have a go and try to make their own tea and then enjoy it with a seasonal wagashi (traditional Japanese sweet).

Maiko Tsunemine’s tea ceremony experience is held in English and costs ¥4,200 per person.

How Much: ¥4,200 per person


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