Set in the heart of Osaka’s bustling shopping area, the fashion megaplex Shinsaibashi Parco (stylized as Shinsaibashi PARCO) is elegant and sprawling, extending from the second basement level to the 14th floor. It has around 150 shops, providing visitors with everything from high-end fashion to cosmetics to pop culture-related goods to world-class cuisine. 

Throughout Japan, the Parco shopping center chain is renowned for its fashion shops and boutiques, offering stylish brands both domestic and imported from overseas. But what really makes the brand stand out is the way in which specific locations have their own charms and specializations, reflecting the spirit of the area in which they were built. Shinsaibashi Parco channels Osaka’s intoxicating, lively atmosphere. Many of the stores here feel like portals into another reality, providing the opportunity to escape from ordinary life — even if just for a moment.

Here are two unique ways to experience the shopping center: 

Slip Into Another Realm at Shinsaibashi Neon Shokudo-gai

Tucked away deep in the second basement level of Shinsaibashi Parco is a neon-lit, subterranean restaurant street with around 25 restaurants and bars. Each establishment is original and distinct, and each offers a unique dining experience. These two stand out for their absorbing atmospheres, creating an extraordinary and memorable time.

Japanese Craft Whisky Bar Common

Nestled in a corner of Parco’s B2 level, you’ll find Japanese Craft Whisky Bar Common, a cozy and alluring space lined with a dizzying array of whiskies brewed in Japan. Relax and unwind to a soundtrack of soothing jazz while sipping on a drink crafted in Japan, served straight, on the rocks or in highball form; the knowledgeable and passionate bartender can recommend something to suit any taste. 

The bar aims to broaden customers’ perspectives, introducing lesser-known breweries alongside world-famous whiskey brands. Other spirits are available, too, including Japanese gin and vodka — if you’re in the mood for a cocktail, try a cherry blossom gin and tonic, served with dried sakura petals and a sakura leaf, or a plum wine negroni. 


Directly beside Japanese Craft Whisky Bar Common, but with a remarkably different vibe, you’ll find the bright and raucous Farplane, whose technicolor walls are decorated with cheeky and erotic art, glittering in the light of a disco ball. The staff are clad in latex uniforms that recall those of flight attendants. 

This isn’t your ordinary shot bar — as the name implies, it aims to make you feel like you’ve been transported to a dimension far away. One bartender describes it as “an amusement park for adults”: It’s a place that’s welcoming and free, where taboos can be toyed with. Pole dancing takes place on a monthly basis. Farplane’s signature cocktail has a name that’s not printable here and makes evocative use of a frozen banana.  

Dive Into Your Fantasy of Choice at Pop Culture Shinsaibashi

On the sixth floor of this Parco location, you’ll find an impressive collection of shops related to Japanese games, anime and characters. This is Pop Culture Shinsaibashi — a must-visit location in the shopping center, filled with unique merchandise and plentiful photo spots that showcase the best of Japanese pop culture. 

The Capcom Store Osaka

An essential stop for any video game fan, the Capcom Store Osaka is an antenna shop for the famous video game company behind multiple beloved multimillion-selling franchises, including Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter and Ace Attorney; it’s one of just three locations in Japan. Peruse a wide array of merchandise featuring popular characters — including limited-edition goods and products that are only available in Japan. The scope of items available is impressive: In addition to best-selling plushies, you can also find accessories, home goods, apparel and themed candy. There are also several photo spots in and around the shop, including a life-size statue of Ryu from Street Fighter

Ultraman World M78

Sitting across from the Capcom Store Osaka, Ultraman World M78 is a mecca for goods related to the pop culture phenomenon. In addition to a variety of toys, figurines, limited-edition products and collector’s items, this shop also sells home goods, apparel and Ultraman-themed food and drink. It’s a bright, welcoming spot, open to people of all genders and ages — as reflected in its merchandise, which is available only for a limited time and ranges from toddler clothing to special Ultraman sake. Events where you can meet Ultra Heroes are also held regularly. Additionally, each Ultraman World store in Japan has its own Ultra Hero as an honorary manager; this location is headed up by Ultraman Tiga.  

The Godzilla Store Osaka

The Godzilla Store Osaka is immediately recognizable by the giant statue of Godzilla standing menacingly outside — another immensely popular photo spot, for obvious reasons. Beyond posing with the world-famous prehistoric reptilian monster, you can browse an abundance of Godzilla merch at this official flagship store, including items that are only available here: figurines, plushies, T-shirts, trading cards, Godzilla Blu-ray discs, Godzilla-themed accessories and even special Godzilla curry, Godzilla energy drinks and Godzilla shochu and sake. The shop inventory is continuously updated with new merchandise, rare items and limited-edition collaborations, making it a destination die-hard fans will want to visit repeatedly. 

More Info

Shinsaibashi Parco 

1-8-3 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka

How To Get Here

Shinsaibashi Parco is directly connected to Osaka Metro Shinsaibashi Station on the Midosuji Line via exit 5, right in front of the south ticket gate.