One of the more creative and original tourism campaigns we’ve seen, JNTO’s newly launched “Enjoy My Japan” promotion creates user-customized videos for travelers seeking tips on sights and activities that will suit their personal likes. The idea is to help you explore the sensations of Japan through your very own movie, and inspire you to immerse yourself in the rich Japanese culture and nature that exists off the beaten path.

The fun starts the minute you log on to the campaign’s beautifully designed, easy to use, multilingual website. You can choose to scroll down and browse a bit, but to jump right in and create your own movie, simply click the the “Start” button. The first question you’ll be asked is “How do you want to experience tradition?” You can choose to answer “See it” or “Feel it” after which you’ll be directed to the next question. After three questions, the website automatically generates your personalized movie featuring a range of exciting locations – most of which are not typically associated with Japan. You can read more about each location and share the video should you wish to show it to friends or save it for later to watch again.

“One’s personal engagement with Japan starts at the website,” says JNTO president Ryoichi Matsuyama. “It continues with enriching experiences like summer and winter adventure sports, spring and autumn mountain treks and steam train rides, and seaside cycling excursions. Any time of year, Japan offers fine dining and mouthwatering street fare, vibrant night life in safe and spectacular cities, virtually unlimited shopping and entertainment options, exposure to ancient traditions that still exist side-by-side with emerging pop cultural trends, and physical and spiritual rejuvenation at remote hot springs, spas, and Zen Buddhist retreats.”

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