While peak Demon Slayer fever has come and gone, it’s still one of the most popular anime franchises that has spanned the most incredible amount of collaborations. You might have thought seen it all, but here’s a brand new line of merch that’s also quite functional. 

Introducing Garrack’s Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba smart watch. Like most health tracking devices, this watch is said to help you manage your daily exercise and health including step count, heart rate and sleep management.

demon slayer smart watch

Designs Inspired by Tanjiro and Nezuko

Currently two models are available and feature the main characters Tanjiro and Nezuko. The green version is for training and themed after Tanjiro himself while Nezuko’s is in hues of pink is for preserving sleep. 

The watch band is made using Nishijin textile, a high-quality silk fabric from Kyoto that is commonly used for the construction of kimono and obi. For Tanjiro’s model they’ve incorporated the characteristic checkered pattern of his haori. The strap also has details from the anime such as the tsuba (‘handguard’) that Tanjiro uses as well as the one given to Tanjiro by Rengoku.

Nezuko’s model is similarly designed after the pattern on her obi. On the underside of the watch strap, you’ll find vine-like etchings similar to her demon mark. The strap buckle also has a bamboo design, similar to the bamboo muzzle that Nezuko wears. Both watches come in a luxurious paulownia wooden box and a serial number plate, perfect for those who will want to collect this piece of exclusive merchandise.

Improve Your Training and Sleep

When it comes to functionality, the watches have you covered and are compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. The battery life is said to last for around 14 days so you don’t have to worry about charging it daily. There’s also a 24-hour health management function that comes with over 100 workout modes. In typical Tanjiro fashion, his training theme means a user can tap into the “full concentration” mode and there are also breathing exercises. There’s also apparently something called “pillar training” but what kind of fitness regiment this entails, remains to be seen. For Nezuko’s sleep theme, there is more detailed data on your rest such as depth of sleep, number of times you woke up and the quality of your breathing as you slumber. 

These Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba smart watches are currently retailing at ¥35,200. Find out more about them here. Pre-orders for the watches will start from 10 am on Wednesday April 24th. If you’d like to see them in person before committing, you can also find them on display at Ontime Shibuya Loft and Takashimaya in Osaka on the first floor.

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