Whether you’re looking for stocking fillers (hello, Japanese stationery!) or more artisanal hand-crafted items, we’ve got 13 Christmas (or any time) gift ideas for all budgets.

The Stocking Fillers

Because who doesn’t love the design ingenuity (and kawaii factor) of Japanese stationery?

① Midori D-Clips
Keep documents tidy with these interestingly shaped paperclips. Find your match with a wide range of animals and various objects. ¥550

② Sarasa Clip Ballpoint Pen
This fan favorite comes in a rainbow of colors and sizes, but we fell for this vintage take on the stationery classic in dusty indigo. ¥100

③ AlPha Gel Kuru Toga
From the famous Kuru Toga series, this collaboration brings writers the cushiest grip but keeps the signature rotation mechanism for which the pencils are known. ¥850

④ Tombow Mono 2way Correction Tap
Incorporating a twist-up eraser on one end and correction tape on the other, this multifunctional beauty lets you get rid of mistakes swiftly whether in lead or ink. ¥300

⑤ Sun-Star Stickyle Scissors
These compact scissors are perfect for the minimalist worker. Small enough to fit into even the slimmest pencil case, this office staple should stay at your side, always. ¥600

⑥ Stand Stick Marker
We’re dog people here at TW, so give us a Shiba sticky note pack and we’re smiling for days. ¥300

⑦ Zebra Blen Ballpoint Pen
The makers of the popular Sarasa series introduced its latest range of pens this fall, featuring a sleek and modern design as well as an extra-smooth writing experience. ¥150

⑧ LOFT’s Ikemen Sticky Note Series
Remind your coworkers of pending tasks with the help of a handsome barista, K-pop star or even convenience store clerk. ¥380

All products available at Loft.

The Artisanal Items

For those who appreciate real Japanese craftsmanship.

① Iwayado Kurashina Trivet by Iwayado Tansu Chest Association
This little masterpiece is just one in a range of home decor products imbued with the traditional techniques of Hiraizumi, which incorporates woodworking, urushi (lacquer) coating and metal fittings in the production process. ¥3,000-¥500,000iwayado-kurashina.jp

② Mariasobi Teapot by Iwachu Co., Ltd.
Crafted by a Nambu ironware manufacturer, this exquisite teapot will look right at home in both modern and traditional kitchens. ¥6,800, kouraku.jp.net

③ Kotohogu Utsuwa Arita-ware by Kouraku Kiln
Add a taste of traditional Japanese culture to the table with these Arita-ware plates in the shape of various animals that have a strong connection to folklore. ¥2,300-¥4,500, kouraku.jp.net

④ Isuru Wallets by Hayashigo Co., Ltd.
Combining Japanese lacquer with modern design, these wallets add the finishing touch to anyone’s kit of daily accessories. ¥5,200-¥27,500, www.hayashi-go.co.jp

⑤ “Conclusive Series” Tableware by Tonami Shoten Co., Ltd.
This beautiful tableware set gives the impression of delicately crafted ceramics but is in fact made of sturdy and durable aluminum. ¥2,000-¥4,500, www.tonami-tkm.co.jp

Compiled by Lisandra Moor
Photographs by David Jaskiewicz