Ichido is a Japanese brand dedicated to introducing a new rich sake experience. Working with tasters from all over the world, Ichido makes sake made for all and that pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes, not only Japanese cuisine. The company’s product lineup ranges from your traditional junmai daiginjyo to sparkling rosé.

For romantic evenings: Ichido’s Sparkling Rose

When thinking about sake, rosé isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Ichido’s Sparkling Rose is an innovative apéritif with a subtle hue of pink, which derives from the purple-black rice used to brew it. The taste is subtle, leaving only a smooth sweetness with a bubbly finish behind. Complex flavors were not sacrificed to create this low-alcohol beverage.

For at-home celebrations: Ichido’s sparkling dry

If opting for something a little bolder and perfect for an at-home celebration, choose Ichido’s Sparkling Dry sake. Get all the fun of champagne and sake with all the nutritional value contained in Japanese rice. Sparkling Dry has a distinct, intense flavor paired with a smooth foam.

The flower gift box is available year-round and is not limited to Mother’s Day

Gift sake with matching flowers

Perfect for any occasion, Ichido offers a special gift box on its online store. Their sake and flower box come with one or two bottles atop a bed of flowers. Customers can choose which bottle to include as well as the colors of the flowers, making it a fun, customizable option to send to a loved one.

Browse the full Ichido lineup via its online store.