We’re certainly guilty of cooking more whilst working from home this year. For those looking to upgrade your kitchen tools, look no further than these unique Japan-made cookware, tableware and more.

1. Kowa Chopstick Rest by Mutou Company

These wooden chopstick rests are made from scrap wood. This allows for a unique grain pattern in every piece. The rests are rounded off and dyed with vegetable oil and natural paint, then left to dry before polishing. ¥2,000. Buy here.


Home chefs will love this stainless-steel grater with an innovative design developed exclusively for wasabi. Its surface is textured with a pattern of the word “wasabi” in hiragana, which was the result of a long experimentation period with hundreds of shapes, and allows grating in any direction to produce a fine wasabi paste. ¥2,500-¥31,800. Buy here.

3. SUMU Cutlery Series by ZIKICO INC

Made from zirconia, SUMU is a cutlery series that is 50 percent lighter than your conventional metal tableware. It does not affect the flavors of dishes as no metallic ions are released. The matte finish lends a modern touch to any dining table. ¥3,200-¥4,700. Buy here.


These knives boast a blade of excellent sharpness while enabling easy maintenance at home using a whetstone or the easy-to-use Global-ist sharpener. This new series offers single-edged Japanese knives, available for both left-handed and right-handed users. ¥6,000-¥12,000. Buy here.

5. NOKO’s Coffee Dripper & Stand by OHKOCHI FURNITURE STUDIO Co., Ltd.

This minimalist coffee dripper three-piece set consists of a coffee dripper, a solid wood dripper ring, and a dripper stand made by skilled artisans who use a traditional wood-bending technique called hikimage. ¥3,500-¥7,000. Buy here.

6. Flavor Green Tea Osumi Series by Kagoshima Horiguchi Seicha Co., Ltd

A new way to enjoy green tea: these rose and yuzu teas are made with petals and fruits grown in the Osumi region of Kagoshima Prefecture, offering the authentic aroma of natural rose or the refreshing citrus taste of yuzu. ¥1,200-¥1,500. Buy here.

7. Omoino Frying Pan by ISHIKAWA CHUZOH CO., LTD

Launched in December 2017, the Omoino frying pan is for those looking to take full advantage of cast iron cookware. The company successfully produced a non-coated product to prioritize safety and peace of mind. It can be used for years to come with simple care, without the risk of a coating that will wear off. From ¥10,000-¥16,000. Buy here.

8. Kurukuru Vegetable Slicer by OKABE YOSHOKKI CO., LTD

This vegetable slicer boasts rust-resistant blades made of stainless steel produced in Niigata Prefecture’s Tsubamesanjo region, famous for its metalwork. It works like a pencil sharpener, so vegetables are cut into spirals, elevating dish presentation and creating new fun textures. ¥2,500. Buy here.

9. Agney* Natural Bamboo Lunch Box Series by Nakayoshi Shoji Co., Ltd.

Agney* tableware is made of natural mousou bamboo, conveying the gentle warmth of natural materials and aims to enhance the mood and create memories at the dinner table. ¥5,400-¥11,000. Buy here.

All featured products are part of Omotenashi Selection, a project that brings together fine handcrafted items from around Japan and shares them with international audiences. 

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