We travel all over Japan to discover and draw attention to products and services that represent Japanese culture but also appeal to a global audience. Below is a roundup of homeware and kitchen items, perfect for the homebody in your life.

Personalizable Edo Town Firefighters Nishiki-e Prints by Kyohashi Matsukin Store (KIN-YOSHA PRINTING CO., LTD.)

This artwork allows you to celebrate milestones with custom inscription into original prints by Chikashi Okada, a renowned nishiki-e woodblock print artist. Buy here.

Japanese Folding Fan with Silver Leaf “Hakuzu” by Kinsai Workshop Yonehara

A series of Japanese folding fans decorated with modern designs to keep you cool while adding sophistication to your look. They are handmade by experienced artisans, each specializing in different steps of the production process. Buy here.

Ten&O Wooden Speaker Stand “Tenuto” by TENOU CO., LTD.

Simple and stylish, these smartphone speakers are suitable for any room. By inserting a smartphone into the slit on the top and playing music, the stand pleasantly amplifies the sound without using electricity. Buy here. 

Zurenga Natural Wood Blocks by Asao Co., Ltd.

Safe and secure toys made from natural materials, these blocks are carved from raw Japan-grown cedar and hinoki cypress wood. These educational toys help improve children’s memory skills while also nurturing teamwork. Buy here.

Bamboo light by GreeNexus CO., LTD.

Made with select bamboo from Kumamoto Prefecture, each product is carefully etched by hand. The delicate texture of natural bamboo and the soft flickering light, reminiscent of real candlelight, add a fantastical and mellow feel to any space. Buy here.

Waonko herbal heating pads by MavivRe CO., LTD.

These unique healing pads were created based on the concept of “personal time to return to myself.” Meticulously handmade by mothers raising children, caregivers and people with disabilities, the domestically grown herbs create a relaxed feeling. Buy here.

Hugmotti by Luckyspread Co., Ltd.

We spend around a third of our lives sleeping, yet it’s something many people have trouble with. That’s why Hugmotti was created, to help people achieve quality sleep that soothes their minds and bodies. The design is suitable for all ages. Buy here.

Rakuemon by RAKUEMON CO., LTD

Unlike conventional power-assist suits that have complex structures, Rakuemon is an advanced assist suit that can be easily put on and taken off. Boasting a simple, unisex design, it is already being utilized in various fields from manual labor to hobbies. Buy here.

EarZzz by Globalroad Inc.

“Happiness for the ear” is the concept of these earplugs. They achieve that by being extremely easy to wear, with specialized form and fit to accommodate various ear canal sizes, great noise barrier performance and unobtrusiveness when turning over. Buy here.


Suehirodo has been making Nagoya folding fans for 110 years. Its KOKUSEN series features two versions, fabric fans that have guards and ribs made of aluminum, and paper ones with Japanese lacquer applied to the edges. These are masterful creations that exemplify Japan’s finest craftsmanship. Buy here.

MyStar by Oyagiseisakusho Co., Ltd.

The artisans’ expert techniques can be seen in the meticulous details of these pens. Each one is carved from raw stainless steel and created using precise methods. The pleasant weight allows the pen to glide effortlessly when writing. Buy here.

Blue Fusuma Japanese Sliding Door with Avant-Garde Calligraphy by MAT First-Class Architect Office Co., Ltd.

The traditional fusuma meets contemporary calligraphy in this one and only original product that melds the intricate calculations of architect Tomoyuki Tanaka with the sensitivity of avant-garde calligrapher Uzuki. Buy here.

Kila clean by MaSSC FUJICO Co., Ltd.

Kila clean is placed inside shoes and bags to eliminate odor. Additionally, the natural zeolite and photocatalyst employed in the product serve as sterilizers. Reusable and eco-friendly, this compact and lightweight deodorizer is also convenient to carry around. Buy here.

Magnet Multi Hook by Seeders Inc.

This multi-functional hook can be used on magnet-compatible surfaces to hang various items. Suitable for any place, it’s perfect on an entrance door to hang long umbrellas on the large bar and folding umbrellas on the hooks. Buy here.

Posture Support Chair by Handi Network International Co., Ltd.

The ergonomic design of this chair helps elderly people and those suffering from back pain to sit comfortably for long periods. The company founder, who became paralyzed from the neck down, created it based on his own experiences. Buy here.

YOHEHO by Sunrockhacci

This brown rice heating pad utilizes moist heat to warm the body. The rice retains heat for around 30 minutes after being put in the microwave. It helps relieve knots in the body caused by cold temperatures and fatigue. Buy here.


Made of domestic hinoki cypress wood and cement, this is a series of unfinished DIY building materials for interior walls that lets you customize the color according to your preference. The materials are compatible with a wide range of paints. Buy here.

GINZA Series by JIKKO Incorporated

Practical and aesthetically pleasing, each knife has been carefully forged and sharpened by skilled blacksmiths using a traditional technique that dates back 600 years. What makes the knives even more special is that the blades have been dyed black. Buy here.

Sakura Magic Series by MARUMO TAKAGI CO., LTD.

When a beverage chilled to 17ºC (63ºF) or lower is poured into one of these glasses, beautiful pink cherry blossoms bloom on the surface. The color changes back at room temperature, so the transformation can be enjoyed again and again. Buy here.

Okuhara Glass Ramune Blue series by OKUHARA GLASS CO., LTD.

Handmade by experienced artisans, this one-of-a-kind, pale blue glassware series includes a pitcher with a uniquely shaped spout that stops ice and fruit from pouring out, and glasses with thick edges and a distinctive texture. Buy here.

R+E Tumbler by Sanyoshi Lacquerware Co., LTD.

A design-conscious product with a unique texture, the R+E Tumbler reduces the burden on the environment while maintaining people’s lifestyles. It uses PLA biodegradable plastic, which is a material obtained from natural resources such as sugarcane juice, corn starch and lactic acid bacteria. Buy here.


Handy for cutting ingredients into small pieces, this plate with a chopping-board function uses a special material that contains glass fibers to create thickness and strength and achieve a unique texture that makes it resistant to scratches. It’s also safe to use in microwaves and dishwashers. Buy here.


Based on the concept of “more beautiful and hygienic,” these knives, which are suitable for both professional and amateur users, feature blades made of rust-resistant molybdenum steel that are carefully manufactured through superb heat treatment and sharpened by skilled artisans. Buy here.

Copper Design Tumbler by DAITOH SPINNING CO., LTD.

These pure copper tumblers can be enjoyed in various settings. The Japanese proprietary variant metal spinning process that is used makes it possible to add twists and other designs to their surface. These safe and secure utensils make chilled beverages even more delicious. Buy here.

Hand-rolled sushi party experience kit by LAC, Inc.

This is the perfect set for those who want to enjoy an authentic Japanese hand-rolled sushi experience. It comes with detailed instructions, well-selected roasted nori seaweed exclusive for hand-rolled sushi, and all the other tools you will need. Buy here.

Nambu Ironware Kettle Yin and Yang Leather Handle by OITOMI CO., LTD.

A key design aspect of this kettle is the lid, which can be rotated to enjoy the change in pattern. The plum-flowered half represents Yang (light), while the solid-colored half represents Yin (dark). Buy here.

Japanese kitchen sharp knives made in Sakai City by Takahashikusu Co., Ltd.

Made using the same method as traditional Japanese swords, this series of knives delivers excellent sharpness, meaning you can cut ingredients without damaging their cells, thus maximizing the natural flavor and taste of the food. Buy here.

Yukata fabric chopstick case with Echigo cedar chopsticks by R4Yours LLC

These chopsticks are lightweight with a non-slip texture and the cases come in 20 designs, including ukiyo-e. The company aims to promote forest conservation and recycling while raising awareness of the value of Japanese cedar. Buy here.

Cocktail Glass For Kids by SAKAE INDUSTRY INC.

Made specially for children, these glasses can be used at meals, parties, birthday gatherings and outdoor occasions. They’re a small version of the cocktail glasses for adults that little ones long for. Made of Tritan™ (BPA-free plastic), these glasses are beautiful and unbreakable. Buy here.


All featured products are part of Omotenashi Selection, a project that brings together fine handcrafted items from around Japan and shares them with international audiences. Browse the full Winter 2022 brochure.