We travel all over Japan to discover and draw attention to products and services that represent Japanese culture but that also appeal to a global audience. Below is a collection of home and kitchen goods to spruce up and add some Japanese flair to your space.

Wakuni Shoten Origami Crane by UCHINOBANKIN CO., LTD.

Made with the utmost care by artisans using very durable copper and brass materials, this cherished symbol of longevity makes for a wonderful gift to wish for a healthy future for someone special.

¥13,200, buy here.

Water Drop by Glass Studio PRATO PINO

A stunning interior design piece, this flower vase looks like a huge lustrous droplet when filled up with water. All it takes is a single flower to jazz up your space.

¥2,750–¥4,400, buy here.

Portrait Stamp by TOSYO Inc.

A genuinely unique item to show your identity, this personal seal (inkan) is made to be truly your own by etching your portrait and name. It’s the perfect one-of-a-kind gift or as an essential item for yourself.

¥4,980, buy here.

TOJIHAKO by Shogado Co., Ltd.

A new type of storage box that comes in hand for those looking for a space to store their small personal items such as staplers, smartphones and cosmetics. Compact, portable and easy to assemble.

¥1,760–¥2,200, buy here.

KIRIFT container series by Bijutsukibako Urata

Highly durable and aesthetically pleasing, this one-of-a-kind container series combines traditional techniques passed down through generations with new technology and know-how from a company that’s committed to contributing to the achievement of SDGs.

¥6,600–¥30,800, buy here.

SOFLAN Premium Deodorizer Ultra Zero by Leon Corporation

A next-generation fabric softener that employs Japan’s first technology for making odors undetectable. The deodorizer is unscented, ideal for those who want to mask odors without adding fragrance to clothing.

¥330–¥880, buy here.

Antibacterial Origami Paper by Kowa Product Co., Ltd.

A wonderful gift option, these origami sheets offer excellent surface protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria. They are ideal for use in places for small children and elderly people as well as educational facilities.

¥350–¥1,550, buy here.

cocolan Muji by SHIRAKI CRAFT& ARTS Co., Ltd.

Created with the intent to preserve Buddhistobon culture, these palm-sized lamps match modern lifestyles and can also be used as an interior lamp to cast a warm glow in any room.

¥11,000–¥15,400, buy here.

Cardboard Pillow by Tsubokawa seihakosho CO., LTD.

Driven by the desire to create something useful for people following the Great East Japan Earthquake, the cardboard pillow was developed based on the experiences of the disaster victims living in evacuation centers

¥1,100–¥4,378, buy here

Card holder with Spray bottle by CG Communications Co., Ltd.

Combining an ID card holder with a spray bottle for disinfectant, this product lets you clean your hands and items with alcohol whenever necessary. It’s very convenient for use in offices and hospitals.

¥880–¥980, buy here.

Uzumaki task®︎note by Emmagination LLC

This is a wonderful life hack tool for managing daily schedules and to-do lists through an uzumaki (spiral) method so that items can be efficiently completed without being missed or postponed. Very useful for people with developmental disabilities.

¥946, buy here.

Koala Reusable Adhesive Tape by JIT Inc.

Easy to remove, this reusable gel tape that has adhesive on both sides, is suitable for temporary tape applications on walls, furniture, electronics and other surfaces as an alternative to push pins and nails. Leaves no trace behind.

¥638–¥1,078, buy here.


A subscription service that lets individuals contribute to SDGs using charcoal, developed by an award-winning charcoal specialist, for water purification to create mineral water on their own to reduce plastic waste.

¥2,970 (two-month subscription), buy here.

Tsuyu Cup by Honda Plus Co., Ltd.

Made from recycled plastic that looks like real glass, these cups are lightweight and break-resistant and can be used in various ways. Available in various colors, all cups are handmade.

¥4,400–¥5,500, buy here

Pan Oishiimama by KINOUSOZAI CO., LTD.

Helping to reduce food waste, these bags are effective in keeping bread fresh, preventing freezer burn and avoiding mold. Simply put the bread inside the bag and seal it with a clip. The reusable bags can be washed and dried.

¥495, buy here.

Pure Titanium Straw by SENSYO CO., LTD.

These safe and reusable straws, made out of high-purity titanium, were developed with the aim of contributing to the world by offering a green alternative to single-use plastic straws. Durable, lightweight, resistant to corrosion and easy to clean.

¥2,420–¥3,300, buy here


A glassware series that’s handcrafted with dynamic glassblowing techniques using the primitive and distinctive Niijima Glass. Each of the items is completely unique and seems to tell its own story. They all come with a signature of the artist.

¥4,950–¥19,800, buy here

Egg Mixing Bowl by HOUSAIGAMA

The idea for the Egg Mixing Bowl stemmed from the concern about beaten eggs dripping when making omelets. From above, the bowl isshaped like a heart, giving you some joy while making delicious omelets full of love.

¥1,650, buy here.

Edo Glass Series by Taburo Kobo

This glassware series, that’s been crafted by hand using a traditional method kept alive since the Edo Period, mainly features Komon patterns and Ukiyo-e designs that have been beloved in Japan for centuries. Each piece is unique.

¥5,500–¥8,250, buy here

Edo Kiriko Series by Taburo Kobo

Made by skilled artisans who carry on a tradition that merges European and Japanese techniques dating back to the Meiji Period, this glassware series is also infused with new, fresh styles. Traditional masterpieces that are all crafted by hand.

¥13,200–¥55,000, buy here

Choukoku Glass Series (Engraved Glassware) by Taburo Kobo

Inspired by a bygone era and memorable moments in nature, this glassware is engraved with dreamy patterns that create a relaxing ambience in daily life. The style was born by applying techniques produced by celebrated glassware designers.

¥5,500–¥18,700, buy here



All featured products are part of Omotenashi Selection, a project that brings together fine handcrafted items from around Japan and shares them with international audiences. Browse the full Summer 2022 brochure.