On a quest to find a unique gift or keepsake to pass down to the next generation? Look no further than the long-established JackRoad, your one-stop luxury-goods shop, be you local resident or international traveler. 

A Nakano Favorite

JackRoad is associated with watches, but timepieces are just the beginning of what it has to offer. The store, originally a dealer of European and American antiques, was established in Nakano by lifelong locals. Over the years, a fan base of luxury connoisseurs has grown up around JackRoad — and its sister store, Betty Road — thanks to the wide-ranging selection of secondhand and new timepieces, jewelry and bags that line the shops’ shelves. The convenient all-under-one-roof concept allows customers to coordinate their needs and satisfy every craving, from finding the perfect piece of jewelry to snapping up a high-end bag to complement a newly purchased dream watch. 

Tailor-made Service in Your Preferred Language

Whether you have a particular piece in mind or just want to browse JackRoad’s selection in search of a rare gem, the shop’s multilingual staff will provide both a warm welcome and experience-based advisory services you can trust. Assistance is available in several languages, including English, Chinese, Korean and Thai, and staff will provide comprehensive services in your preferred language, either in-store or remotely via social media apps like WhatsApp, WeChat and Line. Staff adapt to your needs to create a personalized customer experience and go beyond simply translating information about the store and items. They can tell you the story behind a particular piece and how it came to JackRoad, and inform you of the cultural importance of certain specialty items.

Find Your Dream Piece, Wherever You Are in the World

On a Rolex Marathon or Hermès patrol? Over the last few years, the price of many luxury goods has skyrocketed, and supply has not kept up with demand. If you’re a true aficionado who knows exactly what you’re after, reaching out to JackRoad may be your ticket to snagging your sought-after product, as staff are happy to check the availability of items you wish to purchase. This dedication to customer care is appreciated by repeat clientele, who know they can count on JackRoad to locate their dream item. Of course, many customers fall in love with a different item when they see JackRoad’s extensive selection. 

Once your requested item arrives at JackRoad, staff will get in touch, and you can pick up your newest treasure in-store or have it shipped to a domestic or international address. This is particularly helpful if you’re in Japan on business and would rather not weigh down your luggage. 

If you live abroad and can’t make it to Japan, you can communicate with the JackRoad staff via social media and have your choices delivered to your home country. It’s this kind of direct contact that fosters the trusting relationships for which JackRoad is known.

Each Piece Comes with a Story

With travel restrictions easing, the number of visitors coming to Japan on business and stopping by JackRoad is increasing, and the timing has never been better to find rare items at excellent rates thanks to a weaker yen. For some customers, making a purchase isn’t simply about acquiring a specific item, but rather about making an investment by purchasing an item that happens to be in stock. As each piece sold at JackRoad comes with a unique story, whether you choose to keep it for yourself, give it to someone special or pass it down to the next generation, there will always be a tale to tell.

More Information

Nakano Broadway 3F, 5-52-15 Nakano, Tokyo

To find out more about Betty Road please visit www.jackroad.co.jp


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