There’s just something laid-back and welcoming about this hotel that is lovely inside and out. The architecture is bright and modern with subtle touches of industrial aesthetics, and the gorgeous sea and mountain views open up from many points. Ample seatings are set up around the lounge and deck area, where guests can bask in the golden rays of the sunset cut behind the mountains. Adjacent to the common lounge stacked with shelves of books and goods, the cozy on-site restaurant offers a solid dinner of the “sea, stars and sky”.

The hotel has two locations: Kogushigo and Narao. Hotel Margherita Narao, in particular, is a newer addition that is perched on the edge of the island to give a full view of the Goto sea and Narao Port. It has everything for an upmarket escapade: a spacious bedroom that offers a spectacular ocean view, communal hot spring and delightful meals.

Address: 712-3 Naraogo, Shinkamigoto, Minamimatsuura, Nagasaki Prefecture


Tel: 0959-44-1701

Show this page when ordering to get 15% off your bill. Alcoholic beverages not included. Some exceptions may apply.