This is a bit of a slow month for new stuff in Shimokita. It’s hard to imagine opening a restaurant in the middle of the fourth state of emergency, so we can cut the town some slack. That being said, there is some new Korean food, yakiniku and a handful of movies to check out this month. If you venture a bit further away from Shimokitazawa, you can also find a new exhibition at the Setagaya Art Museum.

Restaurants & Dining

Vege-teji-ya — The Popular Korean Barbecue Chain Comes to Shimokitazawa

A new Korean barbecue chain from Kyoto that specializes in samgyeopsal (pork belly) is opening in Shimokitazawa. If you want to indulge in deliciously fatty, sweet and salty pork belly wrapped in lettuce this is the place to be. The shop not only has delicious pork, but the lettuce is also specially bred and grown at a dedicated farm to ensure that it is the perfect taste and size to wrap up your delicious pork. Of course, you can also get a huge range of popular Korean barbecue sides like spicy kimchi or Korean cold noodles.

When: Opens at the end of Aug
Where: 2-13-4 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku


Jimbocho Meat Centre – High-Quality Yakiniku that Focuses on the Basics

new in Shimokitazawa

More barbecue, this time of the Japanese variety. Jimbocho Meat Centre (Jimbocho Shokuniku Senta) is a small chain of yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo. This new Shimokitazawa shop is their third and newest location. They specialize in Japanese beef and organ meat. The animals raised at the farm from where the meat is sourced are fed plums which is said to improve the flavor of the meat. The interior is as plain as the shop’s name, but this is because the focus is on the food. Stop by for some delicious and affordable yakiniku.

When: 11:30am—3pm | 5pm—11:30pm
Where: 2-25-4 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku


Art & Culture

Tollywood – Three New Independent Films Screening in August


Hanataba mitaina koi o shita

Shimokitazawa’s independent theater is showing three new films in August.

Petero no kaerimichi, (On the Way Back on the Slope of Petros) is a strange story about a girl who meets a man who calls himself God. Screening starts on August 14.

Shushushu no musume is a drama about a chikuwa-loving office worker who takes care of her father. The producers say to not reveal the identity of the main character on social media, so that adds some intrigue. Screening starts on August 21.

Hanataba mitai na koi o shita is a film about two strangers who meet as they miss the last train home at Meidaimae Station. Screening starts on August 21.

When: See website for showtimes
Where: 5−32−5 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku

Setagaya Art Museum — Contemporary Art of the Globalization Era:
A Delightful Trip around the World through the Setagaya Art Museum Collection


The Setagaya Art Museum, near Kinuta Park, will be putting on an exhibition celebrating contemporary art in our era of globalization. The exhibition will have a focus on large works and will feature pieces by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, David Nash and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

When: Until Aug 22 | 10am—6pm 
Where: 1-2 Kinuta-koen, Setagaya-ku



Mish Mash Food Market – Fresh Food, Natural Wine and More

Shimokitazawa Mish Mash Market

Mish Mash Food Market is a farmer’s market of sorts taking place just outside of Shimokitazawa station on weekends and holidays. The line-up of vendors often changes, but it’s always exciting. You can usually find fresh vegetables, bread, sauces, spices, wine and much more. Many of the vendors take pride in their organic produce, unmatched by mass-produced supermarket produce.

Where: Just outside the east exit of Shimokitazawa Station
When: The next one is scheduled for Aug 7 and 8 | 12pm—6pm


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