As the humidity rises, so does the desire for refreshing snacks, stimulating air-conditioned exhibitions and convenient transfers. Well, Shibuya delivers. Not only has the Tokyu Food Show reopened, but fans of the British coffee shop Costa might be surprised to see one outside of Harajuku Station. Plan to stay inside this August? Then you might enjoy a stroll around a virtual Miyashita Park. From shaved ice to creamy risotto, fortune-telling to athletics, there’s a lot going on this month in Shibuya.

Food & Drink


Satisfy Your Mint Chocolate Cravings

One of the iconic flavors of Japan’s summer, mint chocolate offers a nice respite in August’s grueling heat. Over at Harajuku Food Factory they’ll satisfy your craving with fluffy pancakes topped with mint sauce, cream and a surprise chocolate crunch. If you are in a rush, grab a Choco Mint Frappe or Chocolate Mint Shake and feel refreshed while on the go.

When: Until Aug 31
Where: Harajuku Food Factory, 3-25-18 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku


Super Famous Risotto and Even More Famous Cake in a Can

With its roots in Hokkaido, Risotteria Gaku has recently introduced its cream and tomato-based risotto to Tokyo for the first time. The menu boasts 28 types of risotto with exciting ingredients that include German semi-hard cheese, porcini mushrooms and thick-cut bacon. If that’s not appetizing enough, their most popular recipe comes in a can. Using Hokkaido fresh cream and home-grown strawberries, they uniquely stack layers of sponge into a transparent can. Pop the tab with satisfaction and dig in.

Where: Risotteria Gaku, 1−7−10 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku

new in Shibuya kakigori

It’s the Season of Kakigori

Another surefire way to cool off in the heat is with a bowl of shaved ice. You can settle for the simple kind or satiate your taste buds with a creative array of unique kakigori at Omotesando Hills. Participating stores put their own spin on Japan’s popular summer-time dessert with the theme: “Trip.” Start in London with white peach and coconut cream before moving on to a mouth-watering Taiwanese mango creation. There are plenty of other countries to visit via kakigori, so check what else they have in-store.

When: Until Aug 31
Where: 4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku


new in Shibuya

Shibuya Hikarie Deck Opened on July 15

Walking around Shibuya just got a little bit easier with a deck that connects the station, Shibuya Hikarie and Miyamasu-zaka. The deck stretches 190 meters, parallel to the main street and above Tokyo Metro Ginza Line. It will host a number of seasonal festivities including outside art exhibits and music events as well as a light and sound show from dusk.

Where: 2-21-1 Shibuya-ku

Museums & Exhibitions

new in Shibuya Hikarie

Art That Tells You Your Future

Hands-on art exhibition Naked Uranai combines AI, art and fortune-telling in an exploration of one’s self. With a phone in hand, glide through a multitude of fascinating rooms. Fly amongst the constellations or see your past, present and future in a visceral tarot card display. Let technology diagnose your dreams or discover your own personal numerology. Premium tickets feature aura-readings and detailed horoscopes overseen by popular fortune teller Akari Maki.

When: Until Aug 27
Where: 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku

exhibitions to see in Tokyo

Pavillion Tokyo 2021 ©Street Garden Theater designed by Teppei Fujiwara

Celebrate Architecture at Pavilion Tokyo 2021

As part of the Tokyo Tokyo Festival 2021, Pavilion Tokyo aims to showcase eight accomplished Japanese architects and artists in the area around the Japan National (Olympic) Stadium. Arguably the most anticipated work is Yayoi Kusama’s ominously titled Obliteration Room where visitors can “obliterate” a fresh white room with polka-dot stickers. But don’t forget the other impressive sights such as Teppei Fujiwara’s Street Garden Theater or Akihisa Hirata’s Global Bowl, among others.

When: Until Sep 5
Where: Various locations around Shibuya

Sports & Technology

Asics new in Shibuya

Try Technology Crafted for Olympians

Come face to virtual face with table tennis Olympian Kasumi Ishikawa and experience her lightning speed smashes at Asics Experience Tokyo. Asics are inviting the public to try their own technology designed for athletes. Try out a virtual trainer that gives immediate feedback based on your vitals. Or receive a sandal perfectly crafted to your foot from their 3D printing machine. To enter you only need to join their free membership service.

When: Until Sep 8
Where: 6-35 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku

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