Tokyo’s most dynamic neighborhood has been sprouting new skyscrapers, shopping centers, co-working spaces, and not even an ongoing pandemic can bring it to a complete standstill. However, certain measures have been incorporated to address the spread of Covid-19. Those include the shortening of business hours of bars and restaurants, and the, unfortunate but necessary, cancelation of Shibuya scramble crossing’s New Year countdown.

However, the only time we’re seeing Shibuya completely empty is in the new Netflix hit Alice in Borderland. Those who are already watching it will recognize the characters in the poster at the JR Yamanote Shibuya station. For those who haven’t started yet, stop by — and check out the many other things happening in the neighborhood this month. 

Source: PR Times

Rooftop glamping and BBQ at Ce La Vi Tokyo

The 17th-floor rooftop bar and restaurant Ce La Vi Tokyo in Shibuya Tokyu Plaza has teamed up with Zekken Glamping for the perfect outdoor experience for urban dwellers. Warm and cozy tents in one area of the rooftop garden can be rented at an hourly rate (starting at ¥5000 for 2 hours), available from December 1, 2020. From December 15, this can be combined with the Winter BBQ plan starting at ¥7000, limited to 2 hours, with an all-you-can-drink plan included. Reservations necessary. For more information, see here

KISS in Shibuya Stream

Designed by KISS, Tokyo, supported by Tokyu Corporation, Shibuya Stream and Shibuya Tourism Association, and made reality by crowdfunding, a kiss-shaped artwork doubling as a bench was placed outside Shibuya Stream on December 25. KISS, Tokyo hopes this will become a popular landmark object, not just for couples. KISS, Tokyo was designed by the eponymous company with the goal to make it recognizable and synonymous with Tokyo, just like “I <3 New York” is with the Big Apple. The red kiss can be found on Tokyo-themed merchandise, from T-shirts to bento boxes. Learn more about KISS, Tokyo here.


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Evangelion and FILA new fashion collaboration in Shibuya Parco

Radio EVA store in Shibuya Parco has been the meeting point of geekdom and fashion for over a year now. Subtle designs inspired from the cult anime Evangelion are combined with streetwear, so you can tastefully wear your fandom on your sleeve without being a conspicuous cosplayer. Radio Eva has teamed up with the sports brand FILA before, so this is volume 2 of their collaboration, released at the end of November.

BTS Pop-up in Tokyo Magnet by Shibuya 109

The 7th floor of the Tokyo Magnet building in Shibuya is one of the 13 locations nationwide in Japan that will host a limited period BTS pop-up store from December 18, 2020, to March 7, 2021. The store will sell various merchandise items by the K-pop sensation, but due to its popularity and the ongoing pandemic, advance tickets (available online) for entrance will be required in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya stores. 

Source: PR Times

“idoRe: Project” Shibuya

Some jobs like modeling, sports athletes and entertainers known as “idols” in Japan have a shorter time span. Most transition to a second career, preferably within the industry, and the “idoRe: Project” offers that to former idols who want to switch careers for any reason. The Shibuya bar staffed exclusively by former idols opened on December 11, complete with a stage for performing songs. Patrons can also talk to the idols and take photos with them. A blend of several concepts, this establishment operates like a hostess bar charging per time spent inside, with free drinks. It has “coffee time” between noon and 5 pm, and “bar time” from 5 pm to midnight. You can follow their Twitter account for up to date information on performances and idols who have joined the team.

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