Although the heat of summer still lingers in September, the cooler breeze reminds us that autumn is just around the corner. This month, Kamakura and the Shonan area gradually start to adopt a feel of fall, offering seasonal sceneries and events for you to enjoy.

Here are some news and trends in and around Kamakura for September 2021.

Seasonal Activities and Events

Hokaiji Kamakura

Admire Autumn Blossoms at Hokaiji Temple

Not all nature blooms in spring. Most of it, yes, but summer and autumn have their moments too. Hagi (Japanese bush clover) is one autumn-blooming plant and it can be found in abundance in Hokaiji Temple. Located approximately ten minutes on foot from JR Kamakura station, Hokaiji is a beautiful Buddhist temple.

The beautiful white color of the bush clover blossoms creates splendid scenery in autumn. The flowers only bloom between mid-September and early October, so time your visit well.

Where: 3-5-22 Komachi, Kamakura

Kaizoji Kamakura

Flower-viewing in Kaizoji Temple

Located north of Kamakura, Kaizoji is another Buddhist temple where you can see Hagi blossoms. The bush clovers that line the temple’s entrance create yet another splendid scenery. Kaizoji has both the pink and white flowers of the bush clover.

Where: 4-18-8 Ogigayatsu, Kamakura

zen conference kamakura

Check Out the Zen 2.0 Conference at Kenchoji Temple

With all the chaos triggered by the pandemic, perhaps this is a good time for us to contemplate our lives and reevaluate how we connect with our planet. Zen 2.0 can help you do exactly that. It’s an international conference on Zen and mindfulness, held annually at Kenchoji Temple, located in Kita-Kamakura.

This year’s conference will be held on September 18 and 19, inviting various guest speakers on the topic of “New Earth.”

For those who cannot make it to Kenchoji Temple in person, the event will be broadcast and available online as well. Why not take this opportunity to dive into the world of Zen?

Visit the official website for more information and this website for tickets to the event.

Where: 8 Yamanouchi, Kamakura
When: Sep 18—19

Food and Drinks

pacific bakery kamakura

pacific bakery kamakura

Indulge in Delicious Bread at the Reopened Pacific Bakery

Biting into good old scrumptious bread is one of those joyful moments in life. Then there’s the delight of Hawaiian food. And in this case, bread with a hint of a Hawaiian twist.

Located in Shichirigahama, the beloved Pacific Bakery has gotten a makeover and unveiled its new look on August 27. The new shop now offers a stylish eat-in section and terrace seats along with additional food on their menu. The new coconut-infused bread loaf and new flavors of Maritozzo in new flavors are some of the most delicious things one can hope for. Make sure they’re on your foodie radar.

Where: 3-1-6 Shichirigahamahigashi, Kamakura
When: 8am-5pm

A Special Pop-up of Nicofuru’s Kakigori

Yes, summer is almost over, but the lingering summer heat continues to call for a cool treat at the beach.

The famous Futakotamagawa shaved ice shop Nicofuru has opened a special pop-up store inside Eneos self Dr. Drive Kamakura SS petrol station in Yuigahama. They will be there until September for your kakigori needs.

The Nicofuru kakigori prepared with fluffy shaved frozen fruits is best when combined with a dash of milk or ice cream. The store also offers a series of craft cola which goes well with sweets.

Where: 4-1-5 Yuigahama, Kamakura
When: 11am—6pm (weekdays) | 10am—6pm (weekends) | Until Sep 30

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