As the shades of spring blossoms fleet away, the vibrant green colors of verdure shortly follow and greet us with stunning sceneries of shoka (early summer). While Kamakura is particularly famed for its historical aspects, the area encompasses lush greenery where you can take a relaxing stroll and rejuvenate amongst nature. Here are some recommended sites for you to enjoy some of Kamakura’s shoka, along with local news on what fun things are trending around the area.

Parks & Nature in Kamakura

Genjiyama in Kamakura

Genjiyama Park and Zeniarai Benten

Located a 22-minute hike away from Kamakura Station or 21 minutes away from Kita Kamakura Station, Genjiyama Park is a magnificent forest conservatory where you can admire bright green foliage of early summer.

As you make your way up several Kiridoshi excavation sites and reach the top of Genjiyama, you’ll acquaint with the statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo surrounded by gradients of dazzling fresh green. A picnic around the hero of Kamakura amongst rich greenery is surely the finest way to rejoice the best of Kamakura’s shoka.

Also, when you make a trip to Genjiyama, you don’t want to miss a visit to Zeniarai Benten, a shrine famed for its money-washing ritual. Many tourists flock here to take part in the fun of money-washing, a custom that is believed to double up their wealth.

Zeniarai Benten is located in between a cave with small waterfalls, so you can indulge with shower of emitted negative ions and bring home some positive vibes.

Genjiyama Park: Location
Zeniarai Benten: Location

Restaurants & Dining in Kamakura

Sasuke cafe in Kamakura

Sasuke Cafe

The way in which art inspires our lives is magical.

In order to spread the power of art, Sasuke cafe, located just 4 minutes away from Zeniarai Benten, offers gallery space inside its café to showcase works by local artists. Every month, artists of various genres exhibit their artworks including paintings, music, calligraphy, literature and poetry just to name a few. Throughout Golden Week, works of a local children’s book illustrator will be on display, so if you heart pictorial art, make sure to stop by for this.

The café offers terraced seats located near the foot of Genjiyama, so you can absorb in some fresh air while you enjoy their specialties including keema curry and pancakes with red bean fillings accompanied with a good cup of original blend coffee.

Indulging with a delicious meal while you immerse yourself in the world of arts surrounded by nature is the best way to detach from the humdrum of everyday life.

Where: Map
When: 11:00–17:00 (closed Mon & Tue)

Luvit hayama burger

Luvit Hayama at Akiya Beach

As we enter the last few weeks of spring, the sun calls us for an early trip to the beach. Despite the image of shonan being the land of surfers, there are actually many peaceful beaches found around Hayama perfect for a relaxing getaway. Located on the verge of Hayama and Yokosuka, Akiya beach is a beautiful coastline without all the noise. This beach offers romantic view of the Sagami bay and if you are in luck you may catch a totally picturesque view of Mount Fuji in the background. Closely nearby, there is also a rock pool abundant of sea creatures, so if you have kids who love to explore nature, an adventure here may be both fun and educational for them.

To accompany the magnificent view of Akiya beach, a newly opened café restaurant, Luvit Hayama, offers some of the most gastronomically satisfying hamburgers around.
Each of the burgers is prepared with delicious Japanese wagyu beef, accompanied with side chips and special onion sauce dip. Gourmet burger paired with a magnificent ocean view is a premium way to spend your romantic holiday retreat at the beach.

Where: Map
When: 11:30–22:00 (closed Mon)

Community Space in Kamakura

Imaichi community space Kamakura


The charm of Kamakura does not simply lie with its rich history, but built upon all the lively sprit of the community which strives to keep the momentum of its neighborhood alive. Located just a stone’s throw away from Inamuragasaki Station, community space Imaichi is a cozy multi-purpose facility available to anyone of all ages.

The space functions as an oasis for the community to engage and visitors to relax in between their whirlwind trip. The venue is a renovation of an old grocery store built during the Showa period. The facility preserves many of its retro features so visitors can enjoy some sense of nostalgia.

Inside the store, you’ll find a large open space with its wall accustomed for doing rock climbing. There are also books, toys and stationery just like a children’s community center, so there are plenty of activities for your kids to have a good time while adults take a break from all the hustle and bustle.

Additionally, a co-work station was recently added to support the growing needs of remote work. Community space Imaichi is only a 4 minutes walk away from the Inamuragasaki beach and park, so you can both play and work at the same time.

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When: Mon–Tue & Thu–Fri 12:00–21:00 | Wed & Sat 9:00–21:00 | Sun & national holidays 9:00–18:00