As the vast area of Japan starts to bedazzle in pink of spring blossoms, you can finally bid farewell to winter and welcome the arrival of spring. Like it was during Kamakura’s golden era, the former capital continues to boast of many poetic spring sceneries which dwell around its historical townscapes. Here are some recommended sites for you to witness the finest spring blooms accompanied with local’s news on what new exciting things are happening around the area.

Admire Hana Kaido at Kosokuji

While many people praise the beauty of cherry blossoms, in Kamakura, there are other spring blooms to look forward to. Hana Kaido is a lesser-known but equally gorgeous spring bloom that resembles a vibrant pink color that is only found during late March through early April. Located in the area of Hase, Kosokuji is a Buddhist temple famed for the exquisite kaido blossoms that is recognized as one of the three major kaido trees of Kamakura.

The bright pink which glows amongst the solemn atmosphere of Kamakura’s ancient temple is a marvelous view of Japanese spring you don’t want to miss. See more information about this event here.

Take a romantic stroll around Myoutoike 

Along with Kamakura’s historical facets, the area is highly recognized for its lush greenery. Located west from the heartbeat of Kamakura, the dense forest of Mt. Kamakura is shimmered with incredible sakura colors during spring.

The drive around Mt. Kamakura’s row of cherry blossom trees is particularly popular, but if you want to enjoy some cherry blossoms in between your hike, the magnificent Yama sakura and Some Yoshino surrounding the Myoutoike are exceptionally beautiful. The pink and green which reflect off the pristine water is one romantic sight you should catch a glimpse of.

Enjoy Contemporary Japanese floral art at Atelier Ame

Whether it’s ikebana, tea ceremony, bonsai or poetry, the essence of Japanese aesthetics lies within the transitional beauties brought to us through nature.

The award-winning artist, Norihiko Kamei has achieved to provide a contemporary twist to the conventional Japanese arts and now you can witness many of his masterpieces at his brand new atelier Ame, which just opened in Kita Kamakura on July 2020.

His renowned series of artwork known as “Hanayama” stunningly depicts the magnificence of Mother Nature in palm-size. The series of Hanayama is created with actual flowers or preserved flowers. Hanayama, which utilizes preserved flowers, is fused with a romantic aroma which further invites you to rejoice in the world of his creations through scent.

You may purchase Kamei’s floral masterpieces and or even create one just for yourself at his workshop (booking required). More information on Kamei’s work here.

Enjoy a fine vegan dining experience at Cotonoha

Finding vegan food in Japan could be tricky and this may be one of the major concerns for vegans visiting the country. But to accommodate the growing global demands, restaurants are gradually introducing scrumptious vegan dishes to their menu.

Located north of Kamakura, Cotonoha is one of the few vegan dedicated restaurants found in Kamakura, just renewed in February 2021. The vegan menu is produced in cooperation with Tokyo Veggie Smile so you are guaranteed to find some of the best veggie food found around. The special Buddha Bowl, which comes with all sorts of Japanese deli accompanied with veggie soup, is a divine service that should satisfy any appetite.

The restaurant is perfectly located in the middle of a forest and provides terraced seats, so you can rejuvenate with some greenery while you enjoy your hearty meal. There is also a large tatami room that is toddler-friendly, so if you are a mum and looking for a tranquil place to unwind, this place is perfect for you.

Whether you are vegan or not, if ever need a delicious and yet wholesome meal option, you should definitely pay a visit to Cotonoha.

Dine inside an ancient Japanese house at Brasserie Koo

When it comes to fancy restaurants and cafes, Kamakura is a fabled chest of gold. While you are spoiled with so many choices, you don’t want to miss a fine dining experience at the Brasserie Koo, a new stylish cafe-restaurant set inside a traditional Japanese-style house.

The Brasserie is an affiliate of the famous French restaurant Kita Kamakura Koo and strives to share some of its gourmet cuisines with a more casual approach. The special lasagna accompanied with savory eclair filled with fresh avocado filling, followed with a seasonal cake and coffee is a truly satisfying lunch that is hard to beat.

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