September in Japan brings hints of autumn already. The summer heat subsides and autumn flavors hit the shelves. Autumn in Chiba is beautiful, as the prefecture is home to vast parks and orchards. Although the state of emergency has been extended until the middle of this month, there are many things to look forward to when the restrictions ease. We’ve included many outdoor activities, as well as a staycation option. So here is what’s new in Chiba in September 2021.

Seasonal Activities

Enjoy a view of Higanbana Flowers at the Murakami Ryokuchi Park

Murakami Ryokuchi Koen Park chiba

Murakami Ryokuchi Koen Park

As we enter September, we are soon greeted by one of the most mysterious autumn flowers. Higanbana (Spider Lily) is an iconic symbolic flower which blooms during the special period of Ohigan (celebrated on the days of Spring and Autumn Equinox as well as three days before and after them). The red variety is more prominent, but there’s a white type too. Murakami Ryokuchi Koen in Yachiyo has both. And it’s still a bit of a local secret, so it shouldn’t be too crowded.

The red and yellow Higanbana which dot the premises of the park set a perfect scene for your autumn stroll. If you are there with children, the park’s athletic equipment, picnic and sporting grounds should give them plenty of things to do too.

Where: 901-2-901 Murakami, Yachiyo

Admire Kibana Cosmos at Akebonoyama Agricultural Park

Akebono Agricultural Park

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park

Another good place to enjoy autumn in all its glory is inside the Akebonoyama Agricultural Park, located in Kashiwa. Through the entire month of September, the park is bedazzled with gorgeous blooms of the Kibana Cosmos flowers (Golden Cosmos). The carpet of orange flowers amidst the backdrop of the park’s iconic windmill is a stunning sight.

Where: 2005-2 Fuse, Kashiwa
When: 9am-5pm (closed on Monday)

Hotels and Accommodation

A luxurious staycation at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo Bay

Hyatt Regency Tokyo Bay what's new in Chiba

Hyatt Regency Tokyo Bay what's new in Chiba

Renamed from Hyatt Place, The Hyatt Regency Tokyo Bay has finally revealed its brand-new look in July 2021. Revamped with new additional suite rooms, connective family rooms and an exclusive club lounge, the urban resort further raises its luxury game to another level.

The Ocean View Terrace suite room designed by Junko Koshino and Chairman suite by Laurent Maugoust are works of fine art that will leave you feeling like a real VIP.

Hyatt Regency Tokyo Bay what's new in Chiba

The new stylish rooftop bar which overlooks Tokyo Bay is also a perfect place for a cocktail. To celebrate their grand reopening, the hotel is offering accommodation plans which come with a restaurant credit of ¥5,000 (valid until October 31, 2021). That’s all the excuses you need to go and pamper yourself with a luxurious staycation.

Where: 5-8-23 Akemi, Urayasu

Shopping, Food & Drink

Autumn Harvest at Arai Nashi-en Orchard

Blessed with lush greenery and a warm climate, Chiba is an agricultural heaven. One place to feel that and taste nature’s bounty is at the Arai Nashi-en orchard in Yachimata City. Their fruit-picking and agricultural experiences let you indulge in some of Chiba’s specialties straight from the farm.

During September and October, you can purchase their autumn harvests including sweet potatoes, peanuts and Nashi pears directly from their farm. If the timing works, you can also experience being a farmer yourself and harvest their sweet potatoes and peanuts. And as a bonus, you’ll meet the farm’s cute cat called Moko-chan.

Check for vacancies via their website or by phone.

If you cannot make it to Yachimata, the farm also accepts online orders so you can still taste their produce.

Where: Ro-56-105, Yachimata
When: 9am-6pm

Enjoy a divine nutty treat at Orandaya

Another good place to indulge in Chiba’s food is Orandaya, a beloved sweet shop most locals would be familiar with. Their wide selection of sweets are all delicious but, if you want to enjoy some autumn goodness, try their puff pastry with sweet peanut filling. After all, this is a prefecture famous for its peanut production. For a limited time, they also offer special pastries with sweet potato filling, so try that too while stocks last.

Those who can’t make it to Chiba can order Orandaya’s products online.

Where: 211 Shinminato, Mihama-ku, Chiba city

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