Teeming with beautiful coastlines and astounding nature, Chiba Prefecture encapsulates the true essence of Japanese summer. Despite the expansion of the state of emergency to Chiba, with several new openings and seasonal events happening, there is still much to look forward to in the area, so here is what’s new in Chiba this month.

Seasonal Events and Activities in Chiba

Enjoy a splash and an onsen dip at Oedo Onsen Monogatari Urayasu Mangekyo

During the summer holidays, Oedo Onsen Monogatari Urayasu Mangekyo is holding several summer events, including transforming its outdoor baths into cool water baths you can enjoy comfortably in your bathing suit. Visitors can enjoy it like they would a neighborhood pool. It’s a perfect way to beat the heat. When you’re done cooling off, turn to a warm onsen inside for a luxurious soak.

When: Until Aug 31
7-3-12 Hinode, Urayasu

Indulge on Ichikawa’s special nashi pear

Boasting luscious greenery and warm weather, Chiba is well known for its scrumptious seasonal harvests. One of its specialties is the nashi pear, a true blessing of nature that’s only available for a short period.

A local michi-no-eki (roadside station) in Ichikawa is holding a special market where you can purchase these divine fresh fruits straight from the farmers. They are also offering cold nashi beverages at the Ichi Cafe, so if you’re looking for something different, you may want to try these as well.

If you live outside Chiba, you can also make an online order (within Japan) and savor this natural goodness at home

When: Until Sep 30
Where: 6-10-1 Kokubun, Ichikawa

New Hotels and Accommodations in Chiba

A unique stay at Glamping Resort Takatakiko

Population decline is a major issue afflicting rural areas in Japan, causing many schools to close. An example of this is Takatakiko primary school, located in Ichihara. Rather than letting the site go to waste, Glamping Resort Takatakiko decided to open its new facility inside the former grounds of the school.

The glamping site offers an exciting outdoor stay filled with good old-school vibes. Your stay inside a dome tent accompanied with a great barbecue service for dinner should top off any sleepovers you had back in your school days. During August, there are several summer events held for kids, perfect for keeping them entertained throughout your vacation.

Where: 1012-1 Yoro, Ichihara

Food and Shopping in Chiba

Summer Barbecue amongst spectacular lights at Narita View Hotel

Besides being home to one of Tokyo’s international airports, Narita has plenty going on to keep locals and visitors busy. Until September 26, the famous illumination event known as “FeSta LuCe” is making its way to Narita View Hotel. During this period, the hotel is also offering a gourmet barbecue for you to enjoy while you immerse yourself in the magical world of starry lights.

When: Every day during Aug, weekends and holidays from Sep
Where: 700 Kosuge, Narita

Chill with fruit jelly at Nagomi no Yoneya

Nagomi no Yoneya is a very famous Japanese sweets shop, one most Chiba locals would be familiar with. The wagashi (Japanese confectionary) are all delightful, but if you’re looking for something perfect for summer, the seasonal selection of summer jellies are well worth trying. Nashi pear jelly has won awards of its own and would leave even the pickiest of eaters satisfied.

The summer jelly selection is only available while these fruits are in season, so make sure to try them while stocks last.

Where: 500 Kamicho, Narita

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