Another hot weekend on the way, but we recommend you pack a beverage and brave the heat, as there’s a whole lot going on in the city, from Tokyo’s largest fireworks display to a pair of traditional street festivals. Another cultural celebration in Yoyogi’s on queue, and we’ve lined up a few indoor activities if you’re in desperate need of some AC. Welcome to our pick of the events you don’t want to miss over the next few days. Click on each event’s name for more details.



The first show at the brand-new Alternative Theatre is the captivating multimedia production Alata, which brings together a variety of art forms – dance, swordplay, and pantomime – to create an unforgettable theatrical experience.


Tabisuru Shintora Market: Summer Edition

At Tabisuru Shintora Market, you can enjoy local delicacies, crafts, and in some cases, cultural performances from around Japan. Starting this July, Tokamachi, Murakami, Tsubame, Sanjo, and Nagaoka — all cities in Niigata — will host the four stands, shop and café in the area.

Art Aquarium

In its 11th year, this popular goldfish aquarium meets arts installation has come of age. This year’s theme is inspired by the Palace of the Dragon King, a magical place at the bottom of the sea, mentioned in the traditional folk tale “Urashima Taro.”


Tokyo Art City by NAKED

NAKED Inc. presents a spectacular new exhibition experience that fuses contemporary art, entertainment and technology. An exciting 360° vision of Tokyo will show the charms of the ever-changing metropolis using the latest technologies, including breathtaking projection mapping and giant models.

Kagurazaka Matsuri

Kagurazaka is widely known as being an old geisha town, and its annual matsuri is a blend of Japanese Buddhist culture and modern surroundings that allows participants to enjoy mouthwatering gourmet food together with traditional events.


Taiwan Festa 2017

Delicious Taiwanese specialties – including the still-trending mango shaved ice – will delight the senses and transport you to Taipei’s night market. There will also be performances by lion dancers, yurukyara mascots and singer-songwriters.


Sumida River Fireworks 2017

Welcoming its 40th anniversary this year, the Sumida River Fireworks festival – which is the largest of its kind in Tokyo – is set to display 22,000 fireworks with different styles and surprises.


Shinjuku Eisa Festival 2017

Originally part of a ritual performed at the end of the old Bon season, dancers and drummers fill the streets with music and cheer as they honor the spirits of their ancestors and wish for good fortune. Though this event originates in rural Okinawa, it has become a city summer staple in the capital.