Tabisuru Shintora Market: Summer Edition

Starting in February of this year, a new attraction with the aim to connect regional Japan to Tokyo opened up next door to Toranomon Hills: the Tabisuru Shintora Market. For roughly three months, select areas in Japan will get a chance to showcase their local delicacies, crafts, and in some cases, cultural performances. Starting this July, Tokamachi, Murakami, Tsubame, Sanjo, and Nagaoka — all cities in Niigata — will host the four stands, shop and café in the area.

Workshop events will be held occasionally for visitors to try making local crafts themselves, with the first round during the weekend of July 8-9 (copper leaf metal carving is available from 8am-9am and 3.30pm-4.30pm, and costs ¥700).


Tabisuru market: Jul 5-Sep 29, shop and café: Jul 5-Oct 1.



Jul 05 2017 - Sep 29 2017


10:00 - 20:00



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