In a sporting world often dominated by hulking men, Satoko Yamanouchi stands tall as a pillar of the bodybuilding community. While women’s bodybuilding tends to be a more niche section of an already niche sport, Yamanouchi has amassed multiple championship titles in her roughly two decades participating in the sport. 

While her starting goal was simply to get in shape, it evolved into something more serious and her mindset began to change. She realized that to live her best life she needed a holistic approach — she shouldn’t only focus on lifting weights, but also food, cardio and happiness.

Training For Oneself

For Yamanouchi, the competitions are a side goal to her main objective of looking better for herself. She wants to create a body that’s like a roman statue and, in her eyes, perfect. “I want to be unique and enjoy expressing myself,” she says. 

To that end, she uses the repetitive lifts required to grow bigger as a creative outlet. The free pose segment is her favorite and aligns with her focus on freedom of expression. When she is given these chances to express herself, the hard work doesn’t feel like a slog. 

Age is Just a Number

While others may consider their late forties as the beginning of their physical decline, that was the age Yamanouchi launched her bodybuilding career. Now, at 63, she is the epitome of peak performance. She believes that life doesn’t end at 50 — instead, it begins at 60. Despite the body being less effective at produce hormones that grow and maintain muscle after hitting 30, Yamanouchi has been getting bigger and stronger every year since she started training. 

Her dedication to her overall health and fitness has helped stave off the typical aging pains that people face as they hit 30, when their bodies begin to produce fewer essential hormones and chemicals. This is an issue that concerns many: In a recent survey held by TW, almost 90% of respondents said they were either interested in or currently taking supplements to improve their health. 

Products like Nomon’s Nadaltus (stylized as NADaltus) stop the natural decline of chemicals due to aging. Using NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), an essential molecule and important building block, Nadaltus can aid in supporting an overall healthy body. 

In Yamanouchi’s case, this means helping her continue to express herself on the tournament stage for longer. But you don’t need to be a top-level bodybuilder to reap the benefits of Nadaltus. The supplements help support anyone as they strive towards their own goals, whether they want to perform better at their job and advance their career, or simply want to live a healthier life.

Live Life to the Fullest

Yamanouchi believes that you can’t be an athlete with half-baked effort, but this doesn’t mean restricting your diet. She eats what she wants, but with an emphasis on control rather than restriction. Yamanouchi recommends a balanced of approach of training while enjoying food, and life. 

A career as a bodybuilder often requires eating very specific nutrients to support your growth. In Yamanouchi’s case, rather than shaping meals solely around nutrition levels, she focuses on enjoying food while letting supplements fill in the missing pieces. To her, hyper-restrictive diets sacrifice the fun and freedom of training. Supplements help her eat the way she wants, without impacting her results. 

She enjoys the balance Nomon affords her. Through taking Wasabis (stylized as WASAbis), she can replace not only unnecessary calories, but also the need to worry about them. Supplementing can take out the worry and stress of planning meals around nutrition, which can save time while providing results. 

You can find Nadaltus and Wasabis, as well as other products to kickstart your health journey on the Nomon website.