Diet is the most important make-or-break factor to success in fitness. While this is usually seen as being about portion control, protein and carbohydrates, people often overlook the smaller things. 

Slight deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can make a big difference in how our bodies feel and operate. It’s not uncommon for a lack of nutrients to leave people feeling sluggish. It can even cause long-term issues with judgment, alertness and reasoning that get worse as we get older. In a minimalist-but-straightforward lineup of supplements, Nomon (stylized as NOMON), a brand produced by the leading pharmaceutical company Teijin, seeks to offer a simple and effective solution.

No Time, No Problem

While Japanese food is generally considered to be a shining example of healthy eating, it is not free from the downsides of modern living. For busy adults in cities like Tokyo, it can be a real problem to find the time to prepare balanced meals. Many opt for the simpler option of easy ready-made food conveniently available at convenience stores or restaurants. Unfortunately, these are not packing the same nutrient levels that Japanese food is usually known for. With many dishes centering around large amounts of white rice and shrinking portions of vegetables and meat, it can be easy to run low on important vitamins and minerals. 

Modern problems call for modern solutions. Nutrient supplementation has been growing in popularity in the fitness community. Meal replacement pills, powdered greens and mineral capsules are now accessible household products even in Japan. 

While it is easy to assume supplements are only for elite athletes, brands like Nomon provide products for average people who want to live healthy and happy lives. Made with carefully selected ingredients sourced in Japan, Nomon products are trusted by medical professionals and were used in clinical trials.

Nadaltus For Us

As people get older, their bodies produce less of the important chemicals that maintain their health. No amount of healthy living or training can completely counteract age. In situations like this, nutrition becomes the best way to replenish the missing compounds. One such chemical is nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). Recent research suggests maintaining higher levels of NMN is directly related to living healthier and happier. Nomon’s Nadaltus (stylized as NADaltus) series is a perfect way to help stop the natural decline of this important component. 

While NMN is naturally occurring in vegetables like broccoli and avocado, it can be difficult to eat an appropriate amount of these daily, especially when living a busy life. Taking supplements like Nadaltus can completely replace the process of preparing and eating massive amounts of these vegetables with every meal. Not only has Nadaltus been thoroughly tested by Teijin researchers, but it has also become the supplement of choice for many Japanese athletes and healthcare professionals. This makes it a powerful tool for sports performance, of course, but is also massively beneficial to anyone trying to live their healthiest lives. 

Not Just a Condiment

Nomon’s Wasabis (stylized as WASAbis) series has been grabbing attention from all over the world for its inventive concept and unique cultural flare. The supplement features one of Japan’s spiciest condiments, wasabi, and its numerous benefits. 

Wasabis can broaden the possibilities. While it is said that a healthy mind equals a healthy body, it can be easy to forget the food part of the equation when it comes to well-being. Vitamins and minerals play one of the biggest roles in making you sharp and active. Wasabi has been proven to be especially useful when it comes to improving sharpness. 

But even though it is a classic example of Japanese food, it is becoming less and less popular among busy Tokyoites. Even when wasabi is eaten it’s hard to imagine someone having the spice tolerance to get the amount needed to see the true benefits daily. Wasabis can fix this with a simple tablet that has been approved to function the same as the food itself. One of the best benefits of supplement capsules is that they can be included in any daily meal. Even the busiest workers can easily get the nutrients they need to start seeing improvements in physical health with no stress.

Where to Find Nomon

Supplementation can be one of the most pain-free ways to improve dietary diversity without any hassle or making big changes to your lifestyle. You don’t even have to go out of your way to find it. Nomon’s Nadaltus and Wasabis lines are both available online and at select shops, department stores, and healthcare and wellness centers around Japan. It has never been simpler to improve lasting health through science with just a little help. All without drastically changing your daily routine. 

For more information on Nomon and their lineups, visit their official website.