As the temperature starts to dip around Kamakura, we finally start to witness the city’s autumn colors, from yellow ginkgo leaves to vibrant red maple ones. As it is December though, many of the shops and restaurants are starting to bring out their Christmas specials at this time. Here’s what else is new in Kamakura and the surrounding areas this month.

Seasonal Events

chojuji new in kamakura

December Fall Foliage at Chojuji Temple

While many perceive November as the best time for viewing autumn leaves, in Kamakura, some of the best spots are at peak fall foliage in December. Temples and shrines are the most stunning places for viewing foliage in Kamakura.

If you want to go to a lesser-known spot though, visit Chojuji, one of the city’s best-kept secrets. It’s a Buddhist temple located in Kita Kamakura that’s only open during certain periods of the year. Chojuji opens its door briefly in December for public viewing, offering splendid sceneries of autumn leaves. It doesn’t open again until next year for the cherry blossoms, so don’t miss out.

When: Until Dec 8
Where: 1520 Yamanouchi

enoshima new in kamakura

Annual Illumination Event in Enoshima

The popular annual illumination event “Shonan no Hoseki” is back. Held in Enoshima, this event goes on until Feb 28, 2022. As the name in Japanese suggests, the inspiration comes from jewels and precious stones.

This year, the main entrance to the Samuel Cocking Garden on Enoshima Island is further enhanced with a new attraction: “Shonan no Hoseki Entrance,” which offers yet more dreamy walks amongst starry lights.

The whole Enoshima area will be dazzling with lights, so make sure to explore beyond the island as well.

When: Until Feb 28

Food and Drink

Stunning Sunset Views and Good Coffee at Anchors Café

There’s a new cozy café along the Shinnase Coast. Anchors Café was originally opened exclusively to guests staying at the Minato no Akari rental house accommodation, but now they are sharing their cup of great local coffee with everyone. The café is also occasionally open for breakfast and dinner. They serve traditional Japanese meals and light snacks prepared with special dried fish from Yoridocoro, a Japanese café specializing in dried fish that’s located in Inamuragasaki.

When: 10am-5pm (Mon–Thu) | 10am-7pm (Friday) | 8am-5pm (weekends)
Where: 1067 Morito, Horiuchi, Hayama

Double Deliciousness With the Opening of Amalfi Dolce and Amalfi Uno

Amalfi, a famous restaurant and café brand of Kamakura, has recently opened a couple of new establishments. Located just one minute from Kamakura Station’s west exit, Amalfi Dolce has opened inside the renovated Tokyu Store Kamakura. Try some of Amalfi’s signature treats originally sold at their store in Shichirigahama, including their famous biscuits. Premium cream puffs are their specialty, so be sure to try them too.

new in Kamakura

Near Kamakura Station’s east exit, there’s also the recently opened Italian restaurant Amalfi Uno. The restaurant serves delightful Italian courses prepared with fresh produce from Kanagawa Prefecture. It’s a great place to pamper yourself with some good food at the heart of Kamakura and celebrate the holiday season in style.

Amalfi Dolce 
When: 9am-8pm
Where: 1-2-12 Komachi

Amalfi Uno
When: 11am-10pm
Where:12-32 Onarimachi

Mouthwatering Dining Experience at Wonder Burg

Wonder Burg restaurant will have its grand opening on December 10, bringing some of the best hamburg steaks you’ll find around Kamakura. These ground meat patties are prepared with quality Japanese beef and pork and at Wonder Burg they will be grilled on a teppan hot plate in front of you. Unlike conventional teppanyaki though, this restaurant adopts a more casual approach.

When: 11am-10pm
Where: 2-1-5 Komachi


Original Illustration Designs at Pepe & Keiki

There’s a perfect clothing store for fans of the iconic Enoden local train line in Shonan.  Pepe & Keiki offers clothes and bags for children designed with the store’s original illustrations of the Enoden electric train. They are popular souvenirs, but can also make great Christmas presents for little train fans.

When: 11am-5pm (closed on Wednesdays)
Where: 5-35-103 Onarimachi

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