Autumn is here, but the fiery foliage hasn’t quite started yet. However, there are other gorgeous blooms to look out for this month. With Halloween approaching, there are many themed foods offered in Chiba during October. So here are some of the highlights.

Seasonal Activities

chiba cosmos flowers windmill

Admire Cosmos Flowers at Sakura Cosmos Festa

Written in Japanese as 秋桜, the name of the cosmos flower literally means “autumn cherry blossom” in Japanese. Pink, beautiful and blooming in October, it lives up to its name. Many of these pastel blooms can be found in Chiba.

Sakura Furusato Hiroba is a famous place to catch a glimpse of these flowers. The gorgeous cosmos field which surrounds the park’s iconic windmill is a magical sight that would keep anyone spellbound.

They have a Cosmos Festa event until October 24. During the festa, there will be food trucks, local produce markets and ice creams available, so why not enjoy a beautiful picnic there this October?

Where: 2714 Usuida, Sakura
When: Until Oct 24 | 9am–4pm 

yotaura cosmos chiba

More Cosmos at Yodaura Cosmos Matsuri

Located in Katori City, the Yodaura Cosmos Matsuri is yet another great place to frolic in fields of cosmos. This festival isn’t as well known, so if you are looking for somewhere quieter to view these flowers, this is the place.

Approximately three million cosmos flowers cover the vast area of three hectares. The field is located very close to the train line, so train fans will appreciate the view with a train running past in the background.

During the running of the cosmos festival, there will also be a local produce market offering natural goodies from Chiba.

Where: Tsunomiya, Katori
When: Until Oct 31 | 9am–4pm

rose garden chiba

Catch a Glimpse of Autumn Roses at the Yatsu Rose Garden

While there are many famous places to spot autumn roses across Chiba, the Narashino Yatsu Rose Garden is an almost secret garden to admire these beautiful flowers without the crowds.

Approximately 7,500 roses with 800 variants decorate the vast area of 1.26 hectares from the middle of October and through November. Their fountain at the center of the flower bed sets a great mood for you to enjoy a peaceful autumn stroll.

Where: 3-1-14 Yatsu, Narashino
When: Until Nov 30 | 8am–5pm

Food & Drink

Halloween Buffet at Hilton Narita

To celebrate the month of Halloween, the Hilton Narita is hosting a special spooky buffet event until October 31. Classics such as roast chicken, grilled fish, chiffon cakes and cream puffs are enchanted with Halloween magic.

From October 29 to 31, guests are welcome to come dressed in Halloween costumes. Those that do will get a special 20 percent discount on their meals. No tricks, just treats.

Where: 456 Kosuge, Narita
When: Until Oct 31 

narita yume spooky dinner

Spooky Dinner at the Narita Yume Bokujo Farm

A cattle ranch may not be the first thing that comes to mind when imagining Halloween, but at the Narita Yume Bokujo, you can enjoy a spooky night event out in the wilderness. On October 30 and 31 the farm is holding its first Halloween night event.

At the farm’s main restaurant, a chef in costume will prepare a haunted Halloween-themed dinner. Why not try his spooky roast beef or gloomy curry?

On the day there will also be other Halloween activities, including a best-dressed photo contest, Halloween photo booth and a lantern carving workshop.

Where: 456 Kosuge, Narita
When: Until Oct 31


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