The area of Kamakura and Shonan finally starts to dazzle with autumn colors in November. This month, many of the area’s historical sites, shops and restaurants celebrate this special occasion in style, offering many things to see and do around the area. So, here is what’s new in and around Kamakura for November 2021.

Seasonal Events


Colorful Shades of Fall at Kamakuragu

Located in the Nikaido area, Kamakuragu is a prestigious Shinto shrine treasured by the people of Kamakura since ancient times. This shrine is popular for its handmade charm shaped like a lion’s head. It’s also known for the beautiful fall foliage.

Starting from late November to the middle of December, the shrine’s grounds will shimmer in gradients of fall, creating beautiful poetic scenery perfect for your autumn stroll.

Where: 154 Nikaido
When: 9am-4:30pm

jyochiji kamakura

Ginkgo Trees at Jochiji Temple

A lesser known destination to catch a glimpse of autumn foliage is at Jochiji temple, located north of Kamakura. During November, its gigantic ginkgo tree is looking radiant with yellow leaves glowing among the dense greenery of Kamakura’s mountains.

Take a moment to absorb the calmness of the temple and get inspired by the power of nature.

Where: 1402 Yamanouchi
When: 9am-4:30pm

nango kamakura

More Yellow Ginkgo Trees at Nango Kaminoyama park

Crowds during autumn’s peak season are definitely a major concern in Kamakura. If you want to take things easy but still hope to rejoice in the season, visit Nango Kaminoyama Park in Hayama.

From the middle of this month to early December, the park’s array of ginkgo trees turn a bright golden-yellow color. A dreamy walk under this canopy of leaves is a magical moment you’ll only find this season.

Where: 1888-1 Nagae, Hayama, Miura
When: 8:30am–4:30pm

Food and Drink

awanouta kamakura

Slurp a Bowl of Classy Organic Ramen at Awanouta

The chill of the season calls for a hearty serving of ramen. While ramen isn’t the first thing you look for in Kamakura, you can find some unique and satisfying bowls at Awanouta in Shichirigahama.

Awanouta’s signature dish, buta-awa-soba (foamy tonkotsu ramen), is one of the few authentic foamy style ramen dishes you’ll find in the Kanto region. What’s more, there are no artificial ingredients. So, if you are health conscious, you can find a great ramen experience here.

There are also special menus using Kamakura’s natural ingredients such as clams and red snapper. Get there early while the limited flavors last.

Where: 4-4-1 Shichirigahamahigashi
When: 11:30am-2:30pm | 5:30pm-9:30pm

maruko kamakura

Delicious Baumkuchen in Fall Flavors at Maruko

Newly opened this year near Kamakura Station’s east exit, Odawara’s popular Baumkuchen Maruko brings its special German cake to the city. The cakes are carefully prepared using quality ingredients including Sagamikko eggs and Dolce flour from Hokkaido.

Maruko’s signature baumkuchen is available in various flavors such as caramel and matcha, but when you visit during fall, be sure to try the seasonal chestnut flavor.

Where: 2-10-13 Komachi
When: 10am-6pm (closed Wednesdays)

Wagashi With Sweet Edamame Paste at Kyo Kamakura

As a great source of vitamin and protein, edamame has played a crucial part in the Japanese diet since ancient times. While many people are inclined to consume this as a vegetable, edamame is also used for wagashi sweets.

The sweet edamame paste known as “zunda” is often used as a filling for wagashi, such as mochi and manju. You can find a good variety of these at Kyo Kamakura, located along the bustling Komachi Dori shopping street.

During November, in addition to traditional sweets, Kyo Kamakura will also be serving zunda flavor cheesecake. Definitely worth a try.

Where: 2-10-24 Komachi
When: 10am-6pm

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