Just when you thought Disney couldn’t get any more magical, a theme park expansion is announced. Tokyo DisneySea has just confirmed that a new section will be opening in June. The area is called Fantasy Springs and is based on three of the company’s most whimsical titles: Frozen, Tangled and Peter Pan.

It Cost How Much?

According to the theme park operator, Oriental Land, Fantasy Springs spans more than 140,000 square meters. This makes it DisneySea’s biggest expansion since the park first opened in 2001. The new area will cost about ¥320 billion. While this might seem like an astronomical amount of money, the park actually made almost double that amount in 2023 with sales of over ¥618 billion. This record high was largely due to the price hike in entrance fees and an increase in foreign visitors. It is forecast that Fantasy Springs will bring in an additional 10% in sales for 2024.

disneysea expansion revealed

About Fantasy Springs

More will be revealed about the park leading up to the official opening. However, what we can confirm so far is that Fantasy Springs will have three new areas known as Frozen Kingdom, Peter Pan’s Neverland and Rapunzel’s Forest. 

In Frozen Kingdom, guests will be able to embark on Anna and Elsa’s journey by boat. The ride takes you through the heartwarming adventures of the two sisters whose love for each other saves the kingdom of Arendelle from an eternal winter. We hope that Disney takes the name Frozen literally when we visit during Japan’s excruciatingly hot summer.

Peter Pan’s Neverland Adventure will bear a lot of similarities as it is also a boat ride. However, the attraction includes an immersive 3D experience as you’ll be part of the Lost Boys trying to rescue John from Captain Hook. Prefer to hang out with Tinker Bell? You can do just that at Pixie Hollow, an attraction in which you deliver parcels in the Fairy Valley.

The last but dreamiest of all is Rapunzel’s Forest, which includes Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival, where you’ll be able to experience the princess’ “best day ever” as she falls in love with Flynn Rider. You’ll also be able to visit some recreations of the film locations. 

Fantasy Springs will open on June 6, 2024. Check out the official Tokyo Disney Resort website for more details and to book tickets in advance.

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