While anime fans might still be grieving over the recent loss of Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama, it’s been heartwarming to see the community rally together and share their love for the beloved mangaka and his work through in-game and real life tributes. One piece of news that dropped recently that might perk everyone up is the announcement of the very first Dragon Ball theme park. 

A Massive Dragon Ball Theme Park

News of the theme park was shared at a conference by Toei Animation. Set to be constructed in Qiddiya, Saudi Arabia, the large attraction is planned to occupy over 500,000 square meters and will feature thrilling rides and interesting features across seven zones. According to Toei Animation, each zone is themed on a different part of the Dragon Ball universe. The announcement trailer on YouTube showed “Kame House” and “Capsule Corporation.” However, these are only digital renderings for now.

“Visitors will be able to enter the world of Dragon Ball and enjoy the adventures of Son Goku while becoming one of the other characters of the anime,” said Toei Animation President, Katsuhiro Takagi.

More than 30 attractions are planned, as well as restaurants, gift shops and a hotel as part of the whole experience. The jewel in the crown is expected to be a 70-meter tall roller coaster built in the likeness of Shenron, the titular dragon who grants a wish to anyone who collects all seven of the dragon balls. No opening date has been announced just yet. 

dragon ball theme park

Part of a Tourism Megaproject in Riyadh

The park will be part of a planned entertainment and tourism megaproject in Riyadh with the vision of becoming the largest tourism destination in the world. Aside from the Super Saiyan facility, other planned spaces include a Qiddiya circuit for Formula One and MotoGP races and a Six Flags Qiddiya (mirroring those in North America and Mexico).

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